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"Intro" Highland Options

Dec 7, 2019
Looking for some good suggestions for options for people to start out with a highland growing environment.

There aren't a ton of pics build setups described, but you can find a few here or there. The few that I've seen are either VERY small (like the chest freezer design) that is likely to be outgrown quickly, or prohibitively costly (very complicated chiller design systems for whole room cooling) that is difficult for someone considering their first highland plant to justify.

For someone who has a few nepenthes already, and is considering taking the next step to keep a highland nepenthes that requires daytime temps in the 80's and night temps in the 50's, and understanding it's more of a "trial run" in that if it works they might go bigger, but if they don't enjoy it they aren't out big, what would you suggest? The chest freezer? Or a small 2'x2' grow tent with a small room ac plugged into it? Or a small aquarium style terrarium with a water chiller cooling system? Or more of a "go big or go home" mentality, of build the complicated set up either way?
Aug 4, 2008
Cooling is expensive, and honestly if you're going to try and make a cooled set up you may as well make it one large enough to house your plants for as long a period as possible. A grow tent with an AC unti piped into it is the simplest and most 'off the shelf' option you have.