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Intermedia making hibernaculum

Well what I believe to be my D. intermedia (sold unlabeled) has made winter rosettes (small bumps where new leaves should be) and the old leaves are no longer dewy and starting to turn brown.
They are growing in an intermediate terrarium which only gets down to 65-70*F at night (usually more towards seventy) so I was wondering if should I put them under the shelves in my highland tank for a few months so they experience darker light and colder winter conditions (this tank can get to 50*F at night) or is this not necessary with this plant and it will hibernate anyway?

Thanks for any thoughts!
I think that it would need much cooler temps than that like almost freezing (they are pretty hardy) or it might rot.
The best bet is to keep it just barely moist, or almost dry, depending on how you see it, and at around freezing temps. The main loss during dormancy is to mold, which is discouraged by the drier conditions. I overwintered most of my plants successfully in this fashion last season. The plant loses its roots, so there is nothing to be gained by keeping it typically moist. Just enough to prevent the buds from dessicating. I overwintered several rosettes inside at 65F with mixed success, i.e. I had some losses like this. I believe the most critical factor is photoperiod which should remain at less than 12h, or the plant will try to grow.
Thanks Tamlin,
The problem with keeping em outside is I live in zone 3 so it gets to -30*F below zero in January/Feb so I've had to put my other temperates (VFTs, Sarrs, Cobras) in the fridge can I/should I do the same with the D. intermedia? If they've no roots I don't see why not unless they'll still require light during dormancy...
How about the baby intermedias (1-2 mm) who are scattered in the pot? They don't look like they have the same hibernation structres that the parent plants do yet. Can these stay in the tank til they create these or should the whole pot go into dormancy regardless?

Lordie that is cold! Here in Upstate NY native populations get exposed to -20F but infrequently. I would try to keep them a little warmer, but if it isn't possible, the fridge plan should work I think.

As for the seedlings, if they continue to grow I would say let them. If they form hibernacula then treat as mature plants and give them the dormancy.

Light is not a consideration during dormancy, but air circulation is a big plus which is why the fridge should be a final solution if no other plan is possible.

In any event, I have seed if you need some. Sometimes it takes killing them off some before you hit on a working plan.

Best of luck!
Well, I'm not so far north that it's ever -30*F for too long, maybe a day here and there. a steady 0*F for a few weeks-month with dips into the -s is not uncommon though. I'm sure something similar to upstate NY, more or less. Are you able to keep yours outside or do you keep them in a garage? My unheated garage is probably only 0*F when it's super cold outside.
I keep mine in a cellarway that leads to the outdoors at or near freezing. I think that you can do the same based on what you have said. In the spring as soon as you see the buds begin to grow, resume watering, until then keep just barely moist. My peat almost looks like a freshly opened bale: just enough moisture to prevent dessication of the bud.
Thanks Tam, I'll try it! I have 2 flower stalks full of seed pods on my still growing/on it's way to making hibernaculum intermedia so I should have more than enough intermedias even if the cold garage trick doesn't work.