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Interesting question

WEll of course Venus Fly Traps eat about any bug small enough that lands inside it. I have seen my outside plants with dead mosquitp's inside of it.

Here is the Question. What if a Venus Flytrap eats a bug with that West Nile, or any other virus for that matter. Im not so much wondering about how it affects the plant, but would it spread the virus or what?

Anybody got any idea?
I don't think we have to worry about our VFTs harboring any virus that would cause illness in people. I don't think that many plants have the right conditions to keep the virus alive long enough to infect a person. Viruses tend to be very sensitive and don't live long unless they are in a suitable environment. It would be like trying to grow VFTs in a desert with tab water.
well Im no expert on this sorta stuff but I would imagine the enzymes that the trap releases would kill the virus. Plus I dont think that plants are able to catch diseases or viruses like we do and even if they could and didn't kill the virus with the enzymes I doubt it could spread it since it realy doesnt realy go around biting anything.

HA could you imagine a vft with a cold? haha that would be hilarious!
Hey, you don't have to worry. BCK is absolutely right. Ever catch a cold from a dog or cat? There are very few bachteria (spelling?) or viruses that can infect more than one species. There are a few (mad cow desease, black death, AIDS), but even they are limited to only a few, all with in the same class (or is it order?), namely mammels. I don't think there is any such thing as a disease that could jump from plant to human.
The female feeds off animals and the male feeds off plants, so unless you have a mixed up Mosquito west Nile shouldn't even be there.