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interested in ultrics, need help

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Hey, i am intested in ultrics, i have found out very little about em, what do they do? i haev a 5 gallon tank i would like to put them in, i dont know anything about em or any types of kinds, could anyone get me started with the basics? thanks
i have the perfect little tidy spot in my room where to put a 5 galon tank, with 1 incandescent bulb, i think theyll do well, any certain temps they need? please anyoen with a website to post that i can read about it or anything, thanks

what do they do>?
Send me your address via e-mail and I will send you some U.gibba. I think it is the easiest one to grow.
i sent you my address on the messanger here on this site.
Gibba is a good starter, subaffixed type, can be grown almost anywhere.

As for your other question:

For a good website go to Tim Malcom's Utric page. I don't know the eddress off hand but you can find it on the ICPS webring.

Kinds of Utrics. It depends on who you talk to but ususally they are grouped into 4 types; aquatic, subaffixed, terrestrial and epiphytes (the last being kind of inacurate because many in this group are not really epiphytes.)

-Aquatics need a lot of space to grow, usually a big tank or pond, I have not grown any so I have no expeience to offer you.

-Subaffixed species grow in the 'flood-zone' of lakes, streams pond, etc. Sometimes they are under water, sometimes they are out but they are always very very wet. To grow these I recommend an undrained container, use pure peat as a substrate and let the water level flux from an inch or so above the soil level to an inch or so below. This back and forth cycle also helps to induce flowering.

-Terrestrials can be grown like most other CPs, on the tray system or in undrained pots kept on the wet side. Standard CP mix works well as does milled sphag.

-Epiphytic species are the most challenging and I don't really recommend them for the beginner. They like a more well drained soil (like Neps) and grow under conditions similar to Heliamphora. Many have dormancies or pseudo-dormancies that are difficult to recognize and will expire if kept too wet during these times.

For other good information on these plant I recommend the CP FAQS, especially for subaffixed and terestrial cultivation tips

Hope all this helps
where can i find u.gibba from,does anyone have seeds?
Your best bet would be to start with a terrestrial species.
There are several that are extremly easy for beginners and I am willing to bet that if you have ever bought a carnivorous plant from a specialist nursery you already probably have U. Subulata in your collection!

Easy beginners species are:

U. bisquamata. The form 'betty's bay' has got larger flowers and is less weedy.

U. subulata. Very weedy but easy! Personaly I avoid this one.

U. Livida. greyish green leaves and voilet flowers. very vigorous!

U. sandersonii. Small green leaves and white flowers streaked with blue.

Tim malcoms site has very good cultivation details as Pyro has already mentioned.

Subulata is a demon that once invoked cannot be exorcised. If you dont have it, consider yourself most fortunate, and avoid it like the plague that is is.
I grow subulata in its own pot outside my terrarium(againest outside of glass) in flooded conditions. Individual 2 year old plants are almost an 1in tall, but they rarely produce the bright yellow flowers, but instead the unspectacular cleistogamous flowers. I have never had these plants become invasive as I grow them away from other cps.
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The ICPS FAQs site here