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Information request

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Can anyone (Tony, Andreas) point me in the direction of some formulas or reference material.

I'm not Tony or Andreas but if you type in Tissue culture on google you will find tons of pages. Also the book Plants from Test Tubes: An Introduction to Micropropagation by Lydiane Kyte and John Kleyn is available at www.timberpress.com. I've just started reading this book. The easiest home style way to do it would probably start here with these guys: www.kitchenculturekit.com/kit.htm and add to that the PFTT book and gradually expand your homelab from there as you learn sterile technique.

Good luck!
Thanks swords, I have the PFTT book and most of the same chemicals supplied with KCK (but not thier manual), I'm looking for Nepenthes specific formulas for seed and explant. If you happen to have any from the KCK manual or any other source I would appreciate a PM.

Also I've been typing many things into google, but I'm getting little more than a headache from it.

heh heh! Yeah google can be a headache sometimes.

I will be experimenting sometime soon with TC of Neps, the first medias I will likely try is the different Flytrap/Capesundew formulas from Phytotechnologies (www.phytotechlab.com) and probably some of the more basic orchid medias. Since I'm not trying to become a commercial operation I can afford time and expense to experiment. I did see a home made Nep formula online some time ago using percentages of easily obtained things (like miracid, agar, thiamine vitamin tablets, etc) but I no longer have that link in my "saved links" box it seems...
Borneo and Andreas Wistuba are TC guys but I don't think they'll be exposing the secrets of their business in such an open forum as this (and of course who could blame them) but I could be wrong.
http://www.kitchenculturekit.com/index.htm has cp tissue culture sets for sale.

I thought about trying, but decided it was more trouble than I felt like doing. If you're interested in the book Swords mentioned, I have a copy I would consider trading for plants.
Swords, Thanks I'll just use some generic formulas in lower concentration and see what happens. Let me know if you want to share results.

spec, voodoo thanks.

carn, sorry already have it. PM if you have plants to trade.

I'll post something about my experiments when I get around to getting everything setup and tested. I've got an empty 30G fishtank turned on it's front (so the top is open towards me) to use as a cheap still air transffer box but I'm working on an idea for a front with attached gloves to try and ensure more sterility in the box before I get all the other miscellaneous stuff together - lucky for me I already have a hobby lab with most tools and things so it's mainly the disposables that I need to buy.
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I'll be buying a small ten gallon tank and doing the exact same thing with the glove, I already have a ton of plexi-glass.  I also have a UV hospital light to kill of the bacteria before starting.  Unfortunately I had to order all my glassware and a PH/TDS tester.

Also ordered Nep seeds but I have no idea if they are fresh, just expensive. Know of a good reliable source?

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The link that voodoolizard posted is probably the best or one of the best webpages on TC of cps.

Probably one of the biggest "secret" with TC is to have a right equipment. A laminar flow hood would really come in handy for transfering explants, but most hobby growers do not have access to one of these. A glovebox, terrarium etc. can work well though.

Noah(on the forums) has years of experience with TC. You guys might want to contact him.

Has anyone tried the 1/3MS formula for highland neps. listed on the cp database site?
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I'll be using 1/3-1/2 MS in my first trials just to get the hang of contamination control (seeds). My main concern at the moment is decontamination of explants, which supposedely carry a lot of co-existant disease within the tissue itself. I have about 10mL of PPM that I'm going to be experimenting with to overcome this, but it would be nice to have the help of some-one more experienced to see what they are doing.

In an enclosed, steralized environment with a UV light I'm hoping not to have to construct a HEPA air blower for my setup. But if neccessary I will.