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In life we always seem to be held responsible for


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Hey all,

A message here from Vertigo

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Hey guys, long time no speak. I am sorry to have dropped off of the face of the earth suddenly. Seems to be what happens in my life every so often. I’m alive and well, mostly. My internet access that I was using to participate in the forums has been filtered. Which greatly saddens me. I haven’t had e-mail in a long time because of this, and now the forum is filtered as well. I’d really like to apologize to anyone that I was in the middle of a discussion with, or a trade of any sort. I haven’t forgotten. Nor will I ever.

An extra apology I have to extend is to anyone I was trading with that hasn’t received their packages as of yet. It’s really hard to send mail sometimes with out an address. And if you happen to be using your PM inbox as a temporary address book and you can no longer access it to get those addresses, it makes it a little hard. I am doing what I can do to get what I promised and more out to you guys. Two names off the top of my head are Stefano1 and Sarracenia0. The stuff will be there soon. If I was going to be trading with you, don’t worry, I still have all the things I mentioned. Just send a list of what you wanted to remind me with your package, I’ll get it to you.

This forum has, like for so many other people, become basically a part of my life. The knowledge that is spread, and ideas formed here I can find no where else. I miss it everyday. I really feel stifled with thought day in and day out. The discussions that I’ve had with the many kind people here really helped to clear my head a bit while I had the chance. Some people I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for all they have done, for the knowledge they’ve shared, and just for plain putting up with so many questions that have just seemed silly five minutes later. Pyro, Tamlin, BobZ, Tony, Lynda, Phil, Schloaty, Swords, heck, everyone.

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to relieve the pressure that builds in my head from thought once again with you guys. I really miss it.

Oh yeah, if for some reason you don’t think I have your address, or want to communicate, or finish a deal or whatever, here’s my addy.

O. Fitzpatrick
2371 Bellmore Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710

I hope I’m not away too long, but the way things in my life are going, seems like it could be awhile. History seems to repeat itself, and when things seem to suck a bit, something comes along and kicks you when your down. It really rips at me inside. To lose touch of communication, free though, self expression. Oh well, I guess I’ve gone on enough. See you guys on the other side.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Best of luck! Come back soon...

We miss you Owen and hope you are well. We look forward to the day that you are back with us!

I just popped a note off in the mail to Owen. Anyone who has been through rough times knows how good it feels to hear from your friends. It can make a difference to know people are thinking of you. If anyone feels so inclined, it doesn't take but a few minutes to type up a little note and stick a stamp on an envelope...but it can sure mean a heck of a lot.

I hope he comes back soon.
I feel your pain man
. Thats kind of like last year for me, and I'm sure many of you know what I'm saying...
Good luck man, hope to have you back soon
I wsa wondering where you went
He has been through rough times and many different problems. We should all try to get some snail mail off to him.
I am no stranger to cyber isolation. I will send a snail mail. Owen, if you chance to read this, don't fret about sending anything but my address is

William Dawnstar
42 East Oneida Street
Oswego, New York 13126
315 342-4139

Just in case you get bored.

Chin up my friend, it will all work out.
You guys are all so cool!

You can actually still get in contact with him on the CPUK.  This sight was unfortunately blocked by his job.

Must have spent too much time here....