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Wouldn't be great if we didn't have to put our VFT in dormancy and they could last with out dormancy forever. If we somehow could combine pollen or something with plants don't need a dormancy period such as Heliamphora, Nepenthes, etc. Just imagine, home on a snowy winter sitting by the fireplace and there is your VFT, right there, next to it. As you feed crickets to your plant.
Does this sound great?
That would be great because I HATE dormancy. But the only thing I have to say to you E-Plants is Keep Dreaming. Nep.G.
unfortunately, that is a bit like adding the sperm of a whale to the egg of a dolphin, it would take a vast amount of genetic research and manipulation to make it happen, and who knows if the result is really worth the effort.

I personally think they are just fine the way they are, the occasional sports and cultivars enhance the experience yes, but truthfully, out of say, the flytraps, I still think the typical is one of the most beautiful of them all.
Rampuppy are you wanting to get into genetics? If you did that to a dolphin egg it would be a umm.... Dolpale! Nep.G.
or a whalpin!

Nope.. genetics is not my forte... give me electron pathways any day...
But part of the fun in growing flytraps is dormancy-it just makes them harder to grow and thus more rewarding when u have a healthy plant.
But could this be possible, making a VFT have no dormancy?
I don't think so since CP's have been evolving for Billions of years. It would just be immposible to change thier genetic background and genetic history for how they developed in a temperate area. Nep.G.
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regardless of origin, CP's are genetically coded to go dormant, so to make them NOT go dormant, would require tinkering with the gene structure, or an incredibly long breeding program, taking for instance, 1 flytraps out of a hundred, those two being the ones that display the shortest natural dormancy period, breeding them, and then taking their offspring choosing the shortest period off of them, and g oing forward, introducing new blood here and there, so on and so forth, to produce a viable offspring.

It would take decades, if not longer, and would have to be a passion, all to make a plant that doesn't go dormant in the winter... but when you think about it, the plant is tailor made... why does it need traps when there are no insects around in winter any how?
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That would be great Eplants! I miss mine and when I go outside and see them on the porch I feel sorry for them cause they look like crap with thier leaves turning brown. At least they are eating although I am not sure what exactly they are eating, whatever it is it must be real SLOW for a flytrap to catch it durring dormacy.
You know...instead of changing the plant so there isn't a need for dormacy wouldn't it be simpler to create something like a tank that circulated cold air like a refridgerator only with glass so you could see the plants and lighting for them too. Hm... even if someone did make something like that I sure as heck wouldn't be able to afford it.
Well only a little over a month left and then we wont have to worry about it till next year.
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WOW i was thinking of exactly the same thing. U see i was thinking of putting my flytrap in an air conditioned container so it will get cold enough to go dormant but still give it a bit of light that way it would basically be going dormant naturally...
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Yes but it would be very expensive. WAIT maby it wouldn't? Hmmm.............
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It would be if you bought it but maybe you could take one of those tiny fridges motor and some plexi glass and hook something up. I don't know how I'd deal with the condensation though if there was some. It realy doesn't seem that impossible to do. I am surprised that nobody else has made one yet. Although I wouldn't imagine that everyone would run out and buy one ....just us
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I think air conditioners work by extracting the water from the air-thats what causes the cool temps-so i don't think u would have to worry about condensation. LOL either get a box like this or an airconditioned house.
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That would be a way to grow Rajah at night in a refrigeratered terarium! I don't thuink it is that immposible after all. Maby we could patent a design and make a coupl of bucks! Nep.G.
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well back on garden web this was a big discussion... one guy bought a refrigerated cooler, with a thermostat on it, and used that, I personally think that an aquarium chiller is the best way to go, have it running chilled water through a water fall, that would keep humidity high, and temperatures cool...
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Well, you know guys, the easy answer to this problem is that since VFT less than a year old don't need dormacy you just need to keep getting new baby plants each fall that does not need to go dormant. Guess that means at some point you will own so many you will need to get rid of a few---let me know if I can help you out of that problem I'll be glad to take a few off your hands LOL

Dormacy---The time of year when the plants rest and I dream of how they will prosper next sprng. Wish I could do the same with my kids

Linda ö¿ö
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There are many cultivars for the VFT developed such as the Green Dragon VFT, Sawtooth, Red Dragon VFT, and etc. Why can't it be possible if botantists are able to develop these varieties?
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I wish that I could give you an answer on that one Eplants maybe they haven't even tried who knows? It would be nice if they could do that though. Although I would still keep the plants that I already have cause I've grown attached to them and still have to deal with giving them the boot and sending them outside for dormacy.
Oh and nice try Linda
but I just couldn't part with my plants. And I do have about 12 vft babies but they aren't as fun as feeding the big guys.