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Im new




im new to the fourm and i really like carnivourous plants. i dont have any yet to add to my collection of other plants.i have been reaseching them for a while and i was wondering if anyone could give me a fly trap so i coud extend research and determin weather i want to grow them as antother hobby. i really want a vft but i will take anything else. i also have the right set up that i have spent all of my money on. thats why i havent been able to get any cp's.

thank you very much
alex patrick joy

i was using lityhopsboys name sorry for the mix up

Please read the trading forum(blue topics towards the top of the trading forum) rules before making a post. PFT has many different flytraps for sale.
Hi again Alex

I answered you in your other post but I will cut and paste my message here too:

Hi Alex

I was wondering if you read the pinned topic at the top of the Trade Forum entitled "Trading Forum Rules" ? Its a good place for a newbie to start.

Asking for "free plants" is against the rules. There is a LOT of plant material being given away or TRADED all the time--lots of very kind and generous people on these forums. But the best thing to do is to wait and see if someone makes an OFFER of anything "free" rather than to ask to be given something for free. ("Free" can sometimes involve having to pay the postage though.)

Either start with a Home Depot plant for a few bucks (which might be a bit abused and unhealthy) or purchase some nice, healthy VFTs from Exotic Gardens/PFT--the plants are great here! Perhaps some time in the future there will be a "give away" offer by a forum member.

Remember the phrases "I am looking for..." and "Does anyone have any information on where I can locate...", etc. And most important...the words "please" and "thank you" are always appreciated!

Have fun and I hope you learn a lot here.