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I'm new to neps

I bought an unknown nep at smiths it was labled as a venus flytrap. It is in okay condition I guess. But I don't know what it is maybe someone can help me ID it,
The top half of most of the pitchers are red. The pitchers have two pertruding flap like things that run from the top of the picther to the bottom that have little tiny spikes on them. Also the bottoms of the pitchers are heavily spotted with red dots.
This is probably a bad description because so many have these characteristics. I have looked at a lot of pics and cant find one that looks like it. But once my sister gets her digital camera I will post a pic.

Also how should i generally care for it this is what I am doing right now. About 70-80% humidity 80-85 F, I am not tray watering it. And I am not giving it any direct sunlight it is in the shade most all of the time. Are these good conditions?
I suspect the plant is fairly young yet?? Id is difficult until the plant is showing mature pitchers, and then it may not be possible either with so many unknown hybrids floating around.

Your conditions sound ok. Try and get night temps around 65-70. The other temperatures you mention are fine for daytime. Humidity is good. You might want to adjust the plant to more light slowly. I have Nepenthes on my East and West windows where they get some morning sun or late after noon sun and just bright indirect light during the middle of the day. You mentioned your plant is getting mostly shade..how much shade???
Well I kind of just mean't that it isn't getting any direct sun because it has probably been shipping all over the place then it was set in practically no light at smiths. It is on our deck that is on the north side of our house I put it with the rest of my plants in one of my terrariums. My plants get the early morning sun and the late afternoon sun. They get about 6-7 hrs. direct sun on average. I don't think I will give him that much direct sun just yet(we practically live in a desert so it can get pretty hot) I will slowly increase how much sun he gets but the part of our deck that my plants are on is pretty bright indirect light. I am just kind of giving him a break until he grows a little more.
  Yeah he probably is to small to ID I kind of figured that in the first place oh well.
                            Thanks a lot