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I just bought my first venus fly trap off of this website and I just have a few questions. The first is what are people talking about when they mention a winter dormant period and what  should I do for that. My second question is the amount of light and humidity needed for my vft. Because the windowsill in my room gets light from about a little after sunrise till about 11am and I was wondering if that would be a suitable environment or if I would need to take it outside for a while each day. Thanks for the help.

                                                 The new Guy
Aug 1, 2003
Budd Lake, NJ
Where do you live?  Chances are that won't be enough sun light for the plant.  I don't think you have to worry about winter dormancy yet, I recommend trying to just get your plant to live till Winter.
 Not to doubt your growing skills, but IMHO they are extremely difficult plants to keep alive.

My recommendation is make sure you keep your plant watered with distilled water ($1 from a store), every other day.  And move it to a place where it can get 8 hours of sunlight a day, or as much as possible, with the exception if you live in the deep south.

Personally I don't worry about humidity, as long as you keep the soil from drying out and water it every other day, evaporation will keep the humidity high enough for it to live.

Btw, I don't consider myself an expert, but I've killed enough of them to know what they don't like.