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Im kind of new to this, wanting to set up a tank

What I am wanting to do is set up a 10 gallon tank and plant a couple of traps, a couple pitcher plants and maybe a butterfly lilly. I have just been getting the ones at lows for like 2.99 each, there kinda sickly but the price is right.

Anyways I have figured out what I want to do but Im kinda debateing the lightsource. Some People tell me I can get a regular light for the aquarium that you screw 2 plant bulbs into and your set. Others say I need a special light which costs double.

I live in Southern Ohio and while granted it is summer time I can't always keep watch on it outside. I left it out about 5 hours yesterday and 2 of one of my flytraps traps has started turning black. At this moment I have 1 venus flytrap in a miniture pot, and the other has a cobra lilly,butterfly plant, and venus fly trap. The other is the one that seems to have taken the damage. The flytrap in the pot by itself is really small (traps are so small I bet a ant couldn't fit in them).

Anybody have any suggestions for me?
Well looks like nobody cares to reply to this topic. Guess I will just go the cheap route and hope for the best.
you should post your question again, but post it in the General Discussions Forum.
Too late I went and got the stuff, well some of it. I got the cheap hood and got a plant bulb that is supposed to be 50 watt made for plants. Problem is I can't find peat moss ANYWHERE ARG! I was at lowes, Wal-mart, Local Green House, and K-mart and nobody has plane ordinary peat moss. Closest thing I saw was a 20 pound bag of it at k-mart. However the stuff at k-mart had miracle grow mixed in with it so I figured that is a bad thing for these type plants.
yea i had problems too with finding peat moss a couple of weeks ago. usually stores such as walmart, lowes, kmart, etc. usually only carry peat moss in the spring time. i was able to get mine at a farm and garden store called southern states. try to look at some smaller lawn & garden stores they might still have some.
i just read over your first post, and if you are wanting to keep a cobra lily in the 10 gallon setup, i dont think it would do good. also pitcher plants i dont think would do all that good in an enclosure. if you want to create a setup, you could use VFTs and sundews. like i said i dont think pitcher plants do all that well in an enclosure. also one important tip is to provide good air circulation.
I finnally found some peat moss at a different greenhouse. I got the tank set up finnally. I got the 10 gallon tank, light fixture which encloses it pretty good, and its about 40% full of peatmoss. I only have 1 pitcher plant in it 1 sundew and 4 flytraps at the moment. Im useing a 50w plant bulb and a 25 watt normal bulb. It seems to be keeping good humidity in there, but I doubt there is much air circulation.

I don't care much for pitcher plants so if it don't work well then oh well. I mainly like the flytraps since there easier to feed and just look cooler all around.

How would I go about getting some air circulation in there? The tank is in my room at the moment so I don't want to really have that heat blowing all over my room (it gets hot enough in here during summer as it is hehe)