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I'm gonna go crazy soon...

My dad told me not to keep my bedroom so humid and that the drywall will just come off the walls... Grrr... I DON"T have a hygrometer to measure, and sorta maintain a 70% RH... How long should I leave my humidifier on a day? Grrr... I'm so angry... When i bought the humidifier my dad sorta was like, oh no, now what... It's like he resents me growing plants or sumthing... I am seriously gonna like, flip out!!! Grrr... Anyhow...


How long do u think I should have the humidfier on? Its a steam kind...
Why not leave it on 24/7 and just change the water regularly then just keep at window cracked to let SOME fresh dry cool air in. In thw winter this will not matter as humidity is usually in the 30% range and worrying about drywall falling off hen is not a problem, but yes, I do see his point IN THE SUMMER.
I can tell your dad from experience that running a steam humidifier 24 hours a day for 2 years never did any damage to the drywalls in my room. I did get a small patch of mildew but that was easily disposed of but putting a fan in my room to circulate the air. If you want to cut the time down I would suggest you go for 2 periods of 3 hours each during the night and maybe 1 period of 2-3 hours around mid-day.

And you can usually pick up a cheap humidity guage/thermometer at most nurseries or a Home Depot type place.

You can also buy humidity resistant paint and repaint your room, then ol' dad can't say nuthin at all!
You can buy the humidity resistant paint at either home depot or wal mart but i don't have an idea of price cos I've never bought any since all my CPs are in terrariums.

You can also get a really nice digital hygrometer/thermometer at wal mart for like $14.95 it allows you to see the highs and lows for the past 24 hours and has a light for taking readings at nighttime. Just look where they sell the thermostats in the hardware dept.
I am gonna get a hygrometer/thermometer for twenty four bucks once i get twenty for bucsk
Parasuco how big is the space that you grow your plants in and how many plants do you have. In my medium sized bed room the humidity is at 70% because of all the water trays and plants. I used to use a humidifier, but I find that unnecesary now. Although it takes 2-3 days to rise this high it stays around 70%, but your door has to stay shut at all times basically. If it gets to humid just open the door and turn on a fan.
One more thing you don't want 100% humidity in your room fungus grows like mad and it can be dangerous to your health.