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I'm back



Did you miss me
? I managed to get a hold of a computer for a while
. It will probably be another two weeks before I get my owne. But anyway, I got my new plants on Wed.( reffering to the burkie topic) and they are great. Unfortunately, they only had like two pitcher, but were pretty healthy otherwise. The bongso x maxima has 5 growing points on it, and the main point is really tall! The sanguinea has two tall growing points( this is the only one with pitchers). I have them on a south window in my new home in ALASKA, and seem to be doing well with some superthrive. Hopefully they will pitcher over the summer. I think it may have been worth the money.

Is the bongso x maxima the one that cost $50. You mention that the main stem is tall...but how big is it? Five growing points is nice, but I'm surprised there aren't any pitchers.

Yeah, so was I. But their both about the same height and price. As for exact size, I couldn't tell you. I'll haveto do that the next time I come to the library.
You have to go to the library to measure? You can just buy a ruler or measuring tape!

When you go to the library measure the pitchers too.
I think he is at the library using thier computer's there.