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If 2 is company and 3's a crowd...

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I just counted 14 traps in my little pot, plus there are 3 on the way. The problem is... they all seem so crowded! Plus, they are pretty small. What can I do to help them get that "personal space" that some plants prefer?
Personally i think there is nothing more rewarding than a pot full of flytraps,especially if it is just one plant that has multiplied. But if you happen to perfer having lots of smaller less crowded plants than the easy option is to just seaperate this. I have not done this myself so i can't say what effect it has on the plant. Although if they are still very small, then you should let them grow to a decent size before seaperating them if thats what you want to do-i've had some little babys growing out of mine for 6 months now and they still are tiny!
I wouldnt stress it at all. But if it bothers you wait till it has its dormacy period this comming winter then when thats all over with repot. That way you can avoid stressing your plants out.
All of the plants will grow just fine crowded I have grown mine that way 6 in a 3" pot the leaves may overlap but no biggie. I think a pot full of vfts is kinda cool lookin myself.