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Identify plant please

Hi !!
I need help of expert like you?
I bought this plant in a garden centre 3 months ago, it had no label but I think it is an hybrid with ventricosa. Does someone know the right name and parents?
I have an other picture:

Kind regards

I disagree, looks more like Ventricosa x Talangensis to me.
I'm thinking ventricosa x maxima.... I think Nep G has a good point though, It looks a lot like the ventricosa x talangensis that Arie showed once...

hmmm... sombody find the pic of Arie's plant!

i am 100% wrong but it kinda has a little detail like a coccinea and a ventrosica, and maxima, dont count on it
Yes I agree on Rajah's first picture the developing pitcher has an Inermis shape but the peristome is VERY Talangensis. So I am sticking with Ventricosa x Talengensis.
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Hi !!
Thanks to all of you.
So I think that for an identification is important to know the nation in wich you have buy the plant, because some hybrids are sold in Europe and some others in USA.
An other question:
Are there some differences in shape and colours between the hybrid N.inermis x ventricosa and the reverse one N.ventricosa x inermis ?

Kind regards