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I wish I had a camera

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I am sure we have all seen the picture of a VFT that has eaten a daddy long legs and all the legs are sticking out. Well my PFT red dragon has just pulled off that very act. I went out this morning to check my plants and there are all these legs waving for help. I find it very entertaining in a morbid kind of way.
I wish mine would do that. Ohhh well, their time will come.
The scary thing is that when my VFT did that, the legs were still waving 3 days later :eek:
Yep, the legs are still twitching on mine as of this morning.
Ohhhh gawd...you're kidding... :shocked: It takes that long for them to die??? <feeling faint>

I just plucked a baby grandaddy off an osteospermum...hope it stays away from the VFTs.

I feel your pain Pyro with no camera. That is great it cought a daddy long legs. Last year I feed my flytrap a wolf spider, it was sweet.

ok venus fly trap growers u can feed them ur daddy long legs but dont feed them wolf spiders, and other spiders, because spiders are venus fly traps friends and thats just plain mean spiders are great
These plants catch spiders very well. Especially because they are attracted to leftover dead insects in traps. So they are far from "friends", they can't even communicate!

I don't find spiders great when I get bitten or when they make webs in my house.
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My VFTs caught a couple of crane flies on their own here while back. Their legs were also sticking out and waiving around. I couldn't believe it took them so long to die. You'd think they would pass quickly but one lived for like 2 days!!! Very interesting stuff.
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Hey RaW$VENUS.FLY.TRAP.beginner

Wow what a long name!!! first off I would like to welcome you to the forumn its always nice to see new people here with similar interest

I do need to ask you though if you could please keep the cussin out of your posts, because there are alot of young kids here and also some people who may find it offensive.
Aside from that take care, have some fun.
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Oh and I forgot to add
Crane flies do the same thing they will twitch for days!!! it is so very cool in a morbid sorta way ugh I HATE those things!!
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Sorry, I had to post twice because in the first post, I didn't type out the URL correctly. BOTH URLs are correct in the second one.
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Wanna know something cool? I leave my VFT out at night cause its summer here, and I woke up one morning and I came upon a total shock! Over night, a firefly somehow found its way in a trap. When I woke up, I saw the silloete and a little light flickered! I dont have any pics, cause my dig cam ran out of batteries. LOL
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Here I was kinda horrified by Pyros description but darned if that didn't happen to two of my traps. Both have looooooong legs dangling out. The first one was still alive. I assume they are granddaddy long legs.

I still say...UGH!