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I want to apologize


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I just want to take the time to apologize, to anybody that I have promised anything to or to anybody that has sent me a pm or email that I haven't responded to.

It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks for me. I've have countless problems that fell on me all at the same time. On top of that I've been working alot of overtime (which is a good thing because my wife was out of work for 7 weeks a couple of months ago and we need to catch up on some bills.)

I've had numerous legal issuses I've had to take care of and some major personal problems that I've had to deal with. The bad thing is I'm going to have to spend quite a bit of time in the future to get all this taken care of. It looks like I'll have many court dates within the next few months for different issuse. If there's a lawyer that's a member here, I sure could use your help.
. I know what you're thinking, but no I wasn't arrested for any crimes.

I promised some people some plants and seeds a while back. If you are among these people contact me and I'll try to get the them to you. If I have enough left after the squirrels have almost destroyed my bog. Copper I haven't forgotten about you.
I am not a lawyer, but I do know a few "Guido's". So.... if you need a few legs broken with a sledgehammer, I can send em your way.

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles Ozzy. Seems like trouble always comes in an avalanche, not a little snowball.

I hope it all gets straightened out very soon.

Best of luck!

If I can do anything to help let me know, and remember someday this will all be a memory. Hang in there my friend.
Good luck, Ozzy. If you need to have your pals ... lean... on someone, i know a few good attack dogs. Sic 'em, Schloaty.
I am patient, don't worry about it.  I take it that the problems are civil in nature.  

Now if you really want low life scum to help I sure I can find a few, including family members. I am the black sheep in my family, a cop
Sorry your having problems Ozzy. If you need a place to vent or some advise, we're here. Good luck!

Ozzy, hang in there!

And D. Muscipula's right...AND I come cheap!

Hiiiiiiiii YA!

Remember, the worse it is now, the funnier it will be 30 years from now when you're re-telling it.
Like the time I....
I hope everything gets better for you soon. Sorry to hear you are having problems and such thats making your life difficult. If you need to vent or talk, I am here.
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Thank you guys for all the support, I really didn't expect this much. I'm ok, my time has been just limited and I wanted to let everybody that has sent me a pm that I'm not ignoring you. The situation I'm in is tough, but I've been though alot worse. As always I'll get though this one too.

I had a little extra time this weekend so I built a huge walk-in lowland tank, it's also my lizards new home. Nick or Doug one of you are going to have to get over here and get some pics of it. It'll take a while for my N.bical to out grow this.

Thanks to all of you that offer your "services", but I don't think they will be needed unless you want to knock off a judge, a cop, a social worker, and an ex.  
(no offense copper, my whole famliy are cops and I'm the black sheep because I'm not one.) Besides I'm big enough and mean enough to take care of myself.
Thanks Guys

edit: Not one person I promised plants to has sent me a pm asking for thier plants. You guys are the greatest. If I promised you something, send me a pm so I can get your plants to you.
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You were going to send me an N. aristolochioides x thorelii...

Good Luck