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I want a perfect terrarium

im going to trade away all my other plants besides neps and just go strait into neps if interested email me at LadiesmanJRK@msn.com
what kind of hoods do you use
i am giong to make it highland what plants do you recomend
what is a real good media that works good
how can i get my live moss to spread faster
do u guys have some live moss for trade email
i want to be real good
as soon as i get a gh i will ask some of the same ?s
how also do you keep it warm
THX for any help
Woa, slow down buddy.

First off, your a very smart person, you do know what kind of lights to use, potting medium etc.

If it's going to be highland, why do you want to heat it?

Live spahgnum moss will spread if given ample water and humidity which a terrarium has more than enough of.

Terrariums just don't start out "real good" you need to give it time for the plants to grow and thrive under good lighting and temperature. The trick to terrariums is very good light. Temperature can be manipulated with ice and other cooling aparatuses.

I think you are a bit worried, you shouldn't been. Terrariums are almost self-contained units for CP's.
i need to heat it becuz it gets real cold in my basement or even if i moved it to my room it would be cold. I also need to know media becuz i think i messed up my terrarium is starting to smell like b o
Ok man..you need to slow down...First off, you can't have a "perfect terrarium"..only me!  
 lol..j/k Anyways..The first thing you'll want to do is get a thermometer/hydrometer at petsmart/petsco...or a local pet store..Next is a fogger/humidifyer. I use a fogger and fan..for visual effects..and the humidity stays the same. I doubt you even need humidity with that basement....Heat...If you get a fogger from petsco/petsmart that adds like..ten degrees of heat...if you need more, put a fishtank heater in a glass of water with the fogger...

How big is the tank you are using?
If you really want a cool set up, put about two inches of glass around the terrarium and about two inches above it. Fill this with water and sitck the  fogger into it. The fog will go up over the "inside of the tank" and into the middle where the plants are. That's how I am setting up my big bical tank.

Well how cold are you talking here? It cannot be near freezing. If it's above 50 degrees I would only worry about day tiem temps hitting at least 70F.
Depending on where he lives, the basement could get steadily in the 50s. If you want that temperature swing, sometimes it's just as easy to heat the chamber to 70s or low 80s and let it drop to 60s or 50s at night.
I guess it depends on the temps in your basement. My basement does not seem to get as cold as some(I live in Nebraska) and I have some lowlanders growing in tanks with no heating that are doing okay, with just a shoplight on top and CW bulbs.
Can you take some temp reading for us?

I would suggest N. Ventricosa red it is cheap, nice looking and can deal with low temps.
For Jmenprkr:

My favourite beginner's listing:

N. alata
N. ventricosa
N. maxima (highland)
N. tobaica
N. khasiana (if you can find any&#33

N. truncata (easily adjusts to highland conditions)

Try to grow these and see what happens.