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I think it is my turn for photos

Hi all:

I have seen many of you playing the photo games, well now it is my turn!!.


They look great!

I deleted your other duplicate posts. If I got the wrong ones, or you really wanted two or three, let me know and I can bring them back.

What is the last pitcher? It has a pretty peristome like N.spectabilis.
Hi agustinfranco
The first looks like a N. veitchii & the second N.spectabilis.


The first one looks to me like either N. Fusca or N. Vietchii, the second resembles N. Rafflesiana. Nice pics,
I'd guess N. Judith Finn and N. Rokko x Spectabilis.
Before i mention the real names, i would like to say that here in Australia, there is a very friendly couple under the name of Geoff and Andrea Mansell. They have their website:


and they are amongst the leaders in nepenthes hybrids. I have not seen any other website with such a large range of hybrids commercially available.

So the first hint is that they are hybrids, but the first two replies are halfway correct and so is the last reply before this message. soon we'll know the truth. I hope you are having fun and educating others at the same time.


The first photo is a N. eymae X N. veitchii.

The second photo is a N. Spathulata X N. Stenophylla