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I think i made a mess of things



I transported my vft from the little pot it came in into a 1 gal terrarium.  When I was doing that, that sphagnum/peat stuff got all over them, and a bit is in some of the traps.  How can I get it out?  I thought about rinsing it but then, I don't know if they'll close up unnecessarily on the water.  I tried blowing it, but all that did was make me a sphagnum face.  Also, how can I get the humidity up?  I water it, have a plexi glass lid, artificial light...& there still aren't any droplets on the glass.


It's been one of dem days
Jun 7, 2002
I live in Chaffee County, Colorado, USA
Hi PaleVelvet, welcome to the forums  

I use a spray bottle to spritz junk out of the traps.  If done carefully it won't close the traps.  You can try to gently rinse the peat out of the trap.  This is best done pouring the water as close above the trap as possible.  The higher you hold the container of water above the trap when pouring, the more force it will hit the trap with and the more likely it will be to close the trap.

Humidity should not be too big an issue unless you live in a desert area.  My plants are grown in my windowsill were they can get about 6 hours of direct sun.  They set in small trays filled with ¼" to ½" of distilled water.  The humidity is about 35% most of the time.  Since yours is in a terrarium you will want to leave the lid open slightly for air circulation and avoid putting it in direct sun which might cook your plants.  VFTs like a little air circulation which also discourages mold from getting started.
Mar 24, 2003
Mineral Point Wisconsin
Yes, bigcarnivourkid is right. If you have water droplets forming on the glass, there is not enough air circulation and mold can form. Try misting them down once in the morning and once at night to boost humidity.....good luck!