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i need help about a little trap

this afternoon, as i was tirming dead traps off, i notice a very very very small little trap. it was growing under a much large one. the trap is still growing, but the trap itself is only about a millimeter long. so i was wondering if i could cut that and get it to start another plant or would it be too small?
It sounds too small to move. It may be a baby plant and you may be able to divide it next year. I have noticed some of my larger plants seem to have a smaller one gowing next to it like a second growing point and I just noticed a small vft in my bog that is smaller than my 1-year seedling that I sprouted. I am not sure where it came from since none of the vft's flowered last year. Just my 2 cents worth.

Magore is right

I wouldn't move the plantlet ( baby plant ). I think that it is too small and woudn't be able to take the transplant.

Wait until the fall, when you put your plant into dormancy, remove it then and put the larger one dormant and keep the smaller one out
That way the you can play with one during the winter while the other one is sleeping.