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I just want to brag because


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I had a very nice weekend. I recieved a package from Mr. Rice and in it was:

G. pallida
G. repens

And 5 clones of his calycifida cultivars:

U. 'Lavinia Whateley'
U. 'Mrs Marsh'
U. 'Cthulho'
U. Yog-Sothoth'
U. 'Asenath Waite'

Now all I have to do is figure out where to put them all

Cool. My G. pallida is just about to open its first flower. It had struggled through it's first season in my care, but since it got established it's been growing like crazy. Repens is even easier, it grows like a utric, sending up leaves wherever it pleases.
Hey Dodec,

What are you growing your pallida in? Peat:sand? And did you do anything special to get it established?

I just wanted to post because I like the name of the thread!! (I can relate hehe)
man..i want more Genlisea. One vilocea is not enough lol! Anywys, impresssive clacyfida collection, i have only heard of "yog-sothoth"
If you check out the Galleria Carnivora you can see pictures of all of Barry's calycifida cultivars.


Check you mailbox
It's just in peat/sand, but I don't think its very picky. It grows in spurts, and seems to only want to grow in spring and summer, but I haven't had it long enough to be able to say for sure.

Genlisea may be mysterious, but they aren't very difficult. I have had all my genlisea flower, a much higher percentage than my utrics.

Thanks for the feedback, that was what I figured but I just like to double check.
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I got a G. hispidula in a trade with dodec just yesterday, and I made a dangly trap leaf contraption for it too! Hehe...

Which cultivar is the Tamlin-Pyro-Greg calcyfida? Is it one?
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Our plant isn't a cultivar, it is just the typical form.

Give me some time and I can probably make some divisions off these new ones though.

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I think Barry is a fan of H.P Lovecraft for chosing those names. Lovecraft wrote short stories for a Sci-fi mag back in the 40's, and the names he uses are names of creatures from his mythos. Very creepy stories too!
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I think you are right Tamlin, I seem to recall that from the descriptions in CPN a while back.
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Cool cool.

Well, the flower scape is growing... Its actually a scape now, I know for sure... Its about a cm or two tall now (since I last told you)... I also noticed a leaf growing under one of the leaves, now all of the sudden there is a NEW leaf on the otherside of the container its in. Very interesting!
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Like I am fond of saying, these plants really have a lot of action happening, and it's great to see them grow. Today, Utricularia arenaria flowered for me which is a great Event as I have never seen the real flower. Also in bloom currently are dear old subulata (not the sarcasm in my type) I keep this away from all other CP as it is a dangerous weed! Gramminifolia continues to put up scapes, lividia is everblooming as ever. Nova Zelandae is just finishing up and there are fat seed pods. Lateriflora keeps on flowering too. Radiata is in bloom, and purpurea is not long to go before it too shows it's flowers. Even without the flowers, it's cool to see the stolons spread like green fire across the medium. Also this week I found lateriflora blooming in a Drosera pot: and this gives warning as well - flowering Utrics should be kept apart from the main collection, as self seeders can ruin a collection in short order.
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That Barry, he is going to lure me into growing these now, I'm a big fan of the cthuhlu mythos. I guess I could kick one of the kids out and free up some more room for plants.

Have you noticed he is also a fan of the old Universal Monsters, he uses those names for Sarracenia cultivars.