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I hope this works

I hope this rooting powder/fungicide stuff works, I put a basal shoot in a cup of distilled h2o mixed with it. Does anyone know from experience if this works? (its a shoot from my n. tobaica)
Generally these substances are meant to penetrate into the incision site. Putting it in water after you put it on the cuttings simply washes it off. Personally, I'd re-treat the cutting and plant it in sphagnum moss, to plant a cutting:

make a BIG hole so you'll minimize contact when inserting the cutting(s) (this also ensures good application of th rooting compounds), next pack the moss firmly but not tightly, keep very moist but not soggy and as high humidity as you can provide.

The only Nepenthes I have had success in rooting in water is N. gracilis so far.
I have had success with N. gracilis and N. x ventrata rooting in water.
Would it maybe be good to add some of the rooting powder to the water to up the concentration a bit?  I'm completely clueless about Nep reproduction but reading this thread the idea came to mind. Would that help or hurt?

Powder form (solids) rooting compounds need to come into contact with the plant material. Watering the cutting with diluted powder type rooting compound will not do much of anything if anything. The powder needs to come into contact physically and 'seal' the incision site up.

Liquid form rooting compounds like Dip n' grow and to a lesser extent Superthrive, are quick acting and better responding rooting agents in my opinion. I will water with them once the cutting has rooted and have noticed positive results.
Okay, I'll plant the cutting.
By the way, does anyone know how long it takes for a cutting to root?
It can take from a few weeks to a few months depending on the species and how well the cutting was taken, rooting powder used, etc etc.