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I have sundew im sure i do



PEople Please DOnt get pissed cause i wanna learn an kno how 2 take care of a sundew.... SOrry though i keep asking question.. its just i dont kno as much as all u people....All i wanna kno is What i should o On a daily Basist. 2 keep it healthy an growing
Just keep it where it will get a good amount of direct light, and refill the water tray as often as the bottom of the tray dries out ok. You'll do fine. also, look into getting yourself a copy of The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato, it's a really great book that answered alot of my questions I had when I was new. Of course you are always welcome to post something you don't know, there are 340+ people on here, one of us should have an answer for you.
Hi Ripsta,
We would all be more than happy to help you, we are a very friendly bunch. You just need to understand how these forums work. To avoid hogging the forums with hundreds of avoidable posts just hit the 'post reply' button at the bottom of the page and add to what you have already asked. This makes it easier for us to understand your questions as we wont get confused reading multiple mis-leading posts.  To look after your sundew  place it in a sunny windowsil. South or west facing is ideal. Stand it in a saucer of rainwater or distilled water only. Let it catch its own bugs. It does not require additional feeds. During the winter the plant will slow down or stop growing. Just keep the plant a little cooler and just water enough to keep the compost moist. When the spring comes you just start the procedure all over again.

There you go, a whole years guide to growing a sundew!

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First off, don't apologize. We all were at the beginner stage and we all had questions. This forum is here for the purpose of offering help and answering questions.

Now, for how to care for your Drosera. I am going to assume that you have it potted up in a soil mix of peat:sand or peat:perlite in a 1:1 ratio. So, take the pot and put it in a watering tray (anything a few inches deep will work for this, bowls, old kitty litter tubs, those cheapo clear plastic trays from WalMart.) Now fill the tray with about and inch or so of water and keep it about that level. All you have to do now is make sure it gets good light so put it in a window that gets a couple hours of sun or put it in a terrarium with a couple flourescent tubes over it. That is about all you have to do, there really isn't anything you have to do every single day.

Now, some things to keep in mind. What I have given you here is just the basics and I would suggest you do 3 things to help you and your plants. First, keep asking questions, we don't mind answering and we are not going to bite. Second, check out the CP FAQs at http://www.sarracenia.com/faq.html The material here will keep you busy for some time. Third, go to your library or bookstore and get a copy of 'The Savage Garden' by Peter D'Amato, this is pretty much the CP bible and will come in handy when you start to expand your collection.

I hope all this helps and welcome to the forum


Just wanted to make ya smile! haha. I didn't want you to feel attacked so ya, this was just for your enjoyment. Welcome to the forum by the way!:smile::shocked::biggrin::shocked::smile:
Whoa! Flint that is pretty cool but makes me sick to my stomach when I watch the little surprized faces eyes go boing! :eek: It is just a wierd feeling when I look at them all at the same time doign that!
peoplei have my sundew derorsa in a CHeap little plastic Pot I first go when i bought it that waa bout few weeks ago.. could u tell me WHere 2 move it if i need 2 an How do i take it out
The plastic pot is great for it, leave it there until you see that it is starting to fill the entire thing. Like no visible soil because it's all stems of plants, then replant to larger pot, your pot will be ok for a long time though, don't worry ok.:cool:
hey ripsta, dont be sorry, im the one who should be sorry, i was a newbie too and i asked lotsa questions and i got my help and now i help out people too, i got mad after saying the same thing over about 3 times

the plastic pot you have is fine, as long as you still see the dirt it is good, just have it in a tray of distilled water or rain water, and if you can get a little spray bottle and put distilled water in it and mist the plant once in a while, it helps for it to gain its sticky substance to catch the small flies

and also keeps the plant moist.

keep asking questions, thats how people learn.

it sounds that your plant is very healthy. and if you want this web site has a plant and care page, goto the top of the screen and click the Plant Care and Information

and click on Drosera (sundews)

and it will explain alot of things there too!
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I sent my aplogy note to Ripsta. But yes, everyone needs to ask questions! That is how everyone that is an expert on CP's got to where they are. DO you think D'Amato got where he is today without asking ANY questions that even may be dumb? NO! Do you think Michael Catlani got to be a Nepenthes expert without asking any dumb questions? NO! So you can see we all need to be smart and ask about things we don't know about. That is how we learn Boys and Girls!
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Heres what your sundew needs:
65-70F in the day and 64-55F at night
About half an inch of distilled water in the tray. Distilled water only!
Indirect sunlight (a.k.a bright shade)