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I had a thought


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So a while back there was all this talk of chillers and coolers and A/C units for highland Neps and I think the end result of all that talk was that there just wasn't any easy way to cool them at night without spending huge amounts of money.

Well... Yesterday I was at Home Depot looking for some 3" square pots (which they do not have and I can not find!!! ) and I saw something that might work. It costs a bit but it was cheaper and less elaborate than alot of the stuff that got tossed around before -- A wine cabinet. These are designed to store wine in at a cool temp, add a couple lights and hook one up to a timer and viola - instant Nep grow chamber. The one I saw was about 4' x 2' x 2' and was only $119.

Just a thought

Interesting thought, did it have a thermostat built in to be able to set it to certain optimum temperatures.

I didn't check, I was sort of on a mission and stormed past it when I was leaving, angry that they didn't have any pots. I can swing by this evening on my way home and check.
If you don't make it by, no problem, I have to run pick up some stuff over the weekend and will do a little checking. Sounds like a pretty nice solution to an ongoing issue.

They are basically small fridges with thermostats that run at a higher temperature range. Usually around 50-55 degrees is where they operate. Might be simpler than rewiring a regular fridge with a different thermostat though. Although I think they tend to be a bit pricey compared to a small fridge because they are 'wine' cabinets.
Better start saving then.
Sounds like an Ultrahighland Nepenthes grower's dream grow chamber.