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I guess I'm back?

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Plant Whisperer
I'm not new to TF, but I might as well be. The last time I was really active on this site was in late 2015. I've gotten out of Nepenthes for the most part since then, and I just keep very low maintenance CPs that grow outside year round with almost no effort put in, Sarracenia mostly. My Sarracenia include S. leucophylla Baldwin County, S. flava var. maxima, S. leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White', S. leucophylla Green, Sarracenia oreophila, and some random hybrids that I lost the tags to. One of them is a Judith Hindle. For other CPs, I do have Nepenthes x Miranda, N. ventricosa x (tiveyi x truncata), Dionaea muscipula 'DCXL', Drosera tracyi, and D. rotundifolia. I also attempt to grow Utricularia gibba, but it seems more content to grow itself in my pond.

I've got a bunch of normal exotic plants, like cacti, orchids, aroids, etc. Not worth naming all of them, but some interesting ones are Amorphophallus titanum, A. konjac, Paphiopedilum sanderianum, and Carnegia gigantea.
Welcome back! 'Sounds like a good collection of cp's and other plants.
Hello, good to see you again!
Sounds like a decent collection. Can’t wait to see some of them.