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I got them i got them!


God must have an interesting sense of humor
I got my new D. falconeri (two of them) on Friday. I'm so excited!!! I'll try and get a pic of them soon. They are sooooo tiny(about a 1/4 inch).

Remember these plants are not very "tough" right now. You will need to baby them a bit for a good long while. Avoid direct sun, and keep the humidity high, and keep them warm but not too hot. I can relate to the joy!!!
Actually these little tykes are pretty tough. I started them from cuttings and they have been growing in about 60-70% humidity under a 400W HID/MH bulb and then transplanted to my new house where they were getting temps into the mid 90s and a few hours direct sun. That said, they should still be babied a little just because of shipping shock.
Have fun with them
I will defenitly enjoy them. Right now I've got them on my front porch. They are still in their shipping bags.LOL I just moved one into another bag. Bags are really good for "miniature greenhouses". They are expeirencing bright inderect light most of the day and their temps are usually aroung the high 70's low 80's in Farenheight(well yea) and are having night temps around the 60's. (This also goes for my Heliamphora, Pyro.) Are these good conditions?