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I Got Mine!

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"Actual plant may vary from photo"

Yeah - mine varied-----a total of about 20 traps on 2 Red Dragons! Much nicer than your sample pic and much, much, much nicer than the stuff at the hardware store. Thanx guys!
This place is the best! I have a Staghorn fern that was huge on arrival and is growing like crazy...and a Sarracenia that had a five pitchers and in just a few months is popping out of it's pot with about 11 or 12! The plants from Petflytrap.com are amazing and so healthy...plus the customer service is the greatest. Phil and Jaie should be the only sellers allowed in the CP market!!!
wow 20 traps on 2 of the red dragons,i tried the discount with the 2 in 1 pot but they didnt have anymore so i had to get the single plant in 1 pot =[

well anyway this is my first plant since i was like 5, and im alot smarter on how to keep it healthy now =]
Hmmm... I jumped from being a "newbie" to a "member" after only 6 posts.  Are there magic numbers that tie in to status changes?  Anywayz...Against all advice on these forums - I've transplanted.  Put my 3 plants into an 8" ceramic pot that is glazed inside and out.  But it wasn't 3 plants - it was 4 plants.  Jeff ended up shipping me a third plant that is soooooooooo tiny!!!  So I got the 1 Common and the 3 Red Dragons in this pot now.  Looks like a family: "Pa", "Ma", "Li'l Red", and "The-Cousin-That No-One-Ever-Talks-About".  The family seems to be doing fine under a 50 watt screw in grow light on a 12 hour cycle; a total of 5 new traps are showing/unfolding.  Have been meticulously trimming off the black here and there.  The RD's seem to be showing more vigor than the Common; I was expecting the opposite trend.  Actually I was expecting them all to be dead by now so every little change that happens with them is noted.  I totally dote on these things...
LMAO @ "The-Cousin-That No-One-Ever-Talks-About".

ummmm...maybe transplanting wasn't such a hot idea after all. Nothing has been happening since my last post except the family looks a bit more wilted than they did a few days back - no new growth - nada. Hopefully they'll come outta the shock and learn to enjoy their nice, new, big home. Maybe next time I'll actually put into practice what people that grow these things for a living have to say regarding this and that...
I've heard that after re potting the plants take a week to start growing again.
Well here is 2 easy reliable ways to get them back outta shock. #1. Use a diluted amount. (1 drop of it per gallon of distilled water. Use an eyedropper to get it precise.) #2. Just wait!
Yes, wait! Your plants if they were healthy before will eventually come out of it on thier own.
Um....Nep G are you talking about Superthrive?
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Yup. Whoops! I do that sometimes! :eek: I think what I want to say but I don't type it out!
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and that is not a diluted amount of superthirve... packaging calls for 1 drop per gallon. powerful stuff... and yeah.. it should help perk your plants back up.
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Uhh..,.Ram that's what I said. I drop per gallon.
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Uhh..,.Ram that's what I said. 1 drop per gallon.
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The family's starting to perk up a bit - new traps are beginning to unfold on all 4 members. I will pick up some Superthrive later tonight or sometime tomorrow. How often can I use it? Can I just put a drop in a gallon of distilled water, dump some of the new gallon in my bowl and dump some more charged water into my misting bottle? Or will the Superthrive be just a once-in-awhile-treat?
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[qoute]Well here is 2 easy reliable ways to get them back outta shock. #1. Use a diluted amount. (1 drop of it per gallon of distilled water. Use an eyedropper to get it precise.) #2. Just wait! Yes, wait! Your plants if they were healthy before will eventually come out of it on thier own. [/qoute]

I took issue with the fact you said 1 drop per gallon was a diluted dose NG, do you understand my point now? 1 drop per gallon is a standard dosage!


I would only use superthrive every now and again. As I understand it, Superthrive promotes mineral uptake through the roots, and contains growth hormone. Nepenthes at least, will stop pitchering if exposed to to much of it, I don't know how a flytrap would react to that much...

I water about 1 time a month from the top with superthrive, and the rest of the time, I water from the bottom with pure water. Also, be careful when watering from the top, you don't want the water to lift and deposit any peat in the nooks and crannies of your flytrap... that leads to rot... rot is not good!
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OK. Ram. I see your point of view. But what is a diluted dosage AND how do you get such a small amount of Superthrive in the gallon??? I myself allways have used the standard amount.
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After burning out 2 sylvania gro lights in a 5 day period I've bought both a 50 watt halogen bulb and a twisted  24 watt fluorescent bulb that claims to give out 100 watts of light and lasts for 7 years.  At this time the fluorescent bulb is still in its packaging and the 50 watt halogen is running in 12 hour cycles about 2 feet above the surface of the soil.  Looked for Superthrive at K-mart to no avail.  Will check for it at Lowe's tomorrow.  Have trimmed off 4 or 5 dead traps thus far and am waiting for one that is half blackened to turn all the way so before removal.  In spite of all the hacking that I've been doing I still have a total of 20 traps in various stages of development on the two mature Red Dragons; 10 per plant.  Baby seems to be producing new leaves but her growth isn't as speedy as the big 'uns.  The green cousin grows very slowly - only 2 traps have thus far unfolded and still have yet to mature to the opening stage.  A very large majority of the mature traps on the big 3 are now concaved, I suppose, from all of the shock that they've gone through in such a short period(?); although I'll admit to playing with a couple of them when I first opened the packaging.  That's the progress report for now.  Any pointers?  Also - when I started this thread I had no idea that it was going to run as it has - could it be transferred over to the VFT board?  Thanx.
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