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I got a ton of utrics in the mail-help!


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i just got a ton of utrics in the mail from canada, and i've only heard of a couple of them. i was wondering if they all need similar care to the regualr utrics (like livida, subulata, etc, i know alpina is special
) and i was wondering if any of them are particularly rare.

U. blanchetii 'white'
u. simplex
u. alpina
u. warburgii
u. graminifolia
u. amethystina
u. odorata
u. nimutissima

the hand writing on the labels was hard to read, so i hope i got it right.
All but alpina grow as terrestrials in a peat:sand mix.

The last one on your list should be minutissma nit numitissma

For alpina cultivation it would proably just be eaiser for you to check out rattler_mt's similar post. Find my really long reply there.
great! so they dont need anything special with the exception of U. alpina?