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I fed it a slug...

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This morning I found a slug, it was pretty small and i put it into the biggest VFT i had, the VFT is not fully closed (open a millimeter-1.5 millimeter). I think i can see the slug being digested but i have taken a picture but i can't get it to show!
VFT pic

here is a site with the pic one, please wait for it to load!
Hey Tricky
welcome the the forums!
If I seen right I would get that slug outta there before it starts rotting the trap. It shouldn't be to difficult to do just gently use a tooth pick.
When they stay open like that bacteria can enter the trap and you will lose it.
It looks ok to me - I assume that's just after it caught it. If it seals up tight than it should be ok.
ok these plants are scary!!!!
i went to check on it and i though oh good! its fully sealed until i noticed the very same slug sitting next to it! the slug must be some kind of houdini!! the slug was dead though, but seen as its fully sealed it must have caught something else!
Or maybe it escaped, Cause i've fed my VFT many, many slugs and many have escaped, usually falling into the water the stupid suckers! What I do is: Feed the trap the lsug, then keep shoving a paperclip end into the head of the slug so it closes the trap efficiently ( I ][-][ATE SLUGS! )