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I can't believe i'm doing this..



Hi everyone

In my move to OR I lost a few of my plants.. when I became homeless for a while I had to give away about 80% of them.. but through an amazing stroke of luck I have now not only found a stable place to live for the next 4 years.. but it will have a greenhouse! The foundation is there and we're working on the rest. I've never had a greenhouse before, I'm so excited!
Anyway, now I'm wanting to rebuild my collection, I have very little to trade but I do have small amounts of live sphagnum, a few D. capensis "alba", and an unknown hybrid Sarracenia that is about 4" tall.
If this interests you please message or e-mail me.
Have a great week everyone!
You lucky duck!
A greenhouse?!?
PMed ya!
Congrats and welcome back. Don't worry, I didn't forget.
And the bonus is you already traded so there's nothing to worry about here.

Your stuff and everyone elses should be arriving by the beginning of next week at the latest hopefully.

I pm'd you anyway to fill in details.
Thanks for the welcome back guys! Vertigo- I didn't get your PM but I really hope you haven't mailed anything yet as my address has changed  
Ya know that stewartship thing Tamlin always talks about?? Well, here it comes right at you! (you've got a pm) ;-)

Hmm, I forget what I wrote exactly, basically just send me your new address and a list of your fave's that you lost. Maybe I can fill a few of those in along with the rest of the box for ya.
Are you looking for anything in perticular, or any cp? I have some non-cp's too. I have a ton of Carribean Love Leaves, I also have sensitive plants, millet seeds, and I may have a few extra A. konjac bulbs this fall. I don't know what cp's I have to offer yet, I'll have to take a look and see what I have extra of, I'll send you a pm as soon as I get a chance to look ( I hope you're not in a big hurry, I haven't had alot of spare time lately.)
What does the pitcher plant that you have look like?
I'm just wondering.. did anyone else not get a PM from me? It looks like half the time they aren't going through
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yes, i got the last one i was expecting from you.

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If you sent me a message, I didn't get it