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I am so confused &^(

I     am      so      c-o-n-f-u-s-e-d.

What exactly do I need to do to inport Nepenthes from Borneo? I know it's easier to buy from Petflytrap but I just need to know.

Please tell me if you know. The more replies the better.
monkeyman, first you will need an import permit, then $1000 cause Rob the owner of Borneo does not do retail only whole sale. the $1000 is a min. plant order plus shipping
If you live in the United States you need to contact the USDA APHIS department and inquire about PPQ Form 597. This allows you to import plants on a hobby basis. If you want to be a plant distributor you will need to get a different form (which I do not have) and you do need to pay for the business import permit.
After you receive your application(s) you must fill it out (with all plant families you intend to import) and return it and then wait and wait and wait. I filed several of the same applications before I received mine about 6 months later after I sent the last one in.
If you want plants "now" (before next summer/fall) your best bet is to pay the few extra dollars for plants already imported.\
Good luck!
Sword, you waited 6 months to get your permit holly cow. i got mine with in 2 weeks.
2 weeks! I better get mine now. Exactly how do you contact the USDA APHIS department? And monkeyman, you may want to order from Australia like I'm going to, if you were planning on ordering from Borneo Exotics.
Look up the USDA online and hunt for the forms from there.