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Hi, i got a nepenthes a little while and the pitchers never opened and I think it was because there isn't much humidity in the terrarium it's in.So, what is the best way to make the terrarium really humid? I would really appreciate help fast because a pitcher has already turned black.
I appreciate any help
If it helps any, the terrarium is 10 gallons.
Some nepenthes don't pitcher well when first transplanted, or while they are young. Is it producing new leaves? What species or hybrid is it? How humid is the terrarium? You could try leaving water in the bottom of the terrarium most of the time (letting it dry some occasionally though, or possibly using gravel beneath the pots). You could also get a spray bottle and mist the plants with water occasionally. If the pitcher was on it when you got it, that is normal, I often lose all of the pitchers on the plants when I get them.
why do you assume it's a humidity issue?
Well, assuming it really is a humidity issue, I have a rather non-professional but effective method. I have a warm mist humidifyer (a steamer) that blows directly into a 4 foot tube that points into my grow chamber. It has the added bonus of keeping the temp up a little becuase winter is a-comin'. You have to blow it through a long tube, though, otherwise it comes out too hot and you will cook your plants. Yum.
I put a plastic cup over the pot so that it gets humidity and i put a heat lamp over it to make sure it is warm enough....all the leaves have turned black....::Sniff:: i don't want it to die
CHRONO, what is the temp. of the tank. the heat lamp might be putting off to much heat for the plant.also put water in the bottom of the tank the cup might not be putting out enough humidity for it eather. if ya have a vaperizer or a ultrasonic humidifier put it next to it.
Heat lamp + closed little terrarium = Oven

Think you baked it :<<

This is what my nepenthes used to look like....just change everything that is green..to black

C:\My Documents\My Pictures\CPPICS\Nepenthes\My Nepenthes.jpg"" border="0"
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eplant2 how many hrs. or days is that good for until someone has to refill it again
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I use a dual line air pump similar to that one, difused into a pitcher of water warmed by a 50watt acquarium heater. My little 4x4x3 foot chamber stays well over 90%humid. And I live in the dessert. I have to refill it every day. I recommend buying the one off this site, it will work for a ten gallon.
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joe, the one on the sight is to small i am trying to get humidity in a 2 1/2x2 1/2x4 foot tank. might have to get another ultra sonic but, this time i just want to get the little thing that makes the water into humidity instead of the hole water thank and everything.
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it says it works for up to 30 gal. I want to get one for my 30 gal. tank. how many would I need? thanks
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So how humid should you keep your nep tank?
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As humid as you can get it for lowlands.
Highlands would like very high humidity at night and lower humidty during the day.
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OK, here's the story...I went to a store called That Fish Place and I found a Humidifier thing for my plants......it was 12 dollars and i was happy....then he said i needed a pump...i looked at the price and 50 dollars!!!! NO WAY!!!!!
so now my plants are probably gonna die cuz i'm only 12 and i don't have much money.....i might as well just give up...
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chronokiento, check out walmart and get a ultrasonic humidifier. that will do the trick and it is alot cheaper than the pump