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I just recently purchased a VFT from Lowe's and I was reading up on information on these forums (which are very helpful btw) well my question is that when you it needs humidity am I supposed to leave the cup on that it came with it on in the sun? or should I take it off while its in the sun, I'm not too sure. Any help would be a great help, Thanks
Welcome to the forums.

Personally I'd buy a big saucer and put it under the plant. Unless you live in a desert, I'd leave the top/cup thing off. I find my plants did better with air circulation and lower humidity than super high humidity and no air circulation. Just keep water in the tray (aka tray watering) and that will meet the humidity and water requirements.

More importantly make sure you aren't watering with tap water. I prefer distilled water from walmart (less than $1 a gallon). You can also get by with rain water or reverse osmosis water. But TAP WATER WILL KILL IT.

Good luck, chances are the Lowe's plants are going to be in rough condition by this time of the year.
alright, thanks alot. i do have a saucer under it but should i keep pouring water till it flow out of the bottom? and i live in southern california
The more humid the better, yet ventilated. But these hardy things can survive dryness.
Personally, I top water till it flows out the bottom. Others like to water the bottom and let it rise to the top.

I just came from Lowes, and they had a new batch of VFTs and sundews in. I successfully resisted the urge to buy them all.
My lowes apparently doesn't care at all about the VFTs, some where completely upside down.
I righted some, but I don't have the money to go off saving all of them. Just wanted to give the little guys the best possible chance.

I'd be sure to pull the cup thing and the lid thing completely off. I'd make sure the plant is in the center and then gently water to get all the peat moss off the leaves (ie a clean surface area lets the plant have more light).

I sure hope you got a healthy looking plant, the Lowes ones are cheap, but they are pretty sad looking in comparison.

Are these pictures helpful in anyway to see if my VFT has nay problems?
You need to upload your pictures to the web before you can post them. PFT has a small ammount of webspace available for hosting pics on. Go to http://home.petflytrap.com/ then clik create account and follow instructions from there. Once you have finished uploading your pictures you can come back and edit your post with the correct URLs.

Good luck

Edit: Uglypho, I believe humidity is way overrated with VFT's. Mine grow vigorously outdoors where humidity regularly dips into the low 20's and teens.
Leave the cup on the venus flytrap, but don't water too often. When you do, water it with the tray. I suggest doing it about once a week. From personal experience, too much water isn't very good.

As long as it has proper drainage, it is almost impossible to overwater the plant. Remember, this plant evolved in a bog. As long as the plant isn't in a constant pool of water (up to the leaves), it will do fine. A good rule of thumb is the soil should stay moist but not wet. If you water from the top, stop when water comes out the bottom. If you water in the tray, you'll have to experiment to see how much is necessary to keep the soil on the top moist.

I water mine a little bit almost daily. In droseradude's defense, he may have a lot more humid environment than I do or a much bigger tray!