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How to grow d. neo-caledonica


Can people give me tips on how to grow these plants, and not how hard they are to grow?
I doubt it. It seems that most of us find this a difficult species, and this implies there are problems with our cultivation of it, so I doubt we can much help you. It is not common in collections, and I am still feeling my way with it, the same as Martin and Pyro. Arie has managed to reproduce his plant from leaf starts, and he might have some information for you. The advice given to me was grow it very warm, and not too wet. This is not very detailed, and hasn't gotten me good results. Possibly the plant needs more uniform warmth, the daytime/nightime temperature variation I think may be a cause for the typical failures with this plant. I have noted with the increasing warm days that the plant is responding, and likewise the day/night temperature variance is less this time of year, so I note the correlation. Possibly the temperature in Israel is more even between day and night, and this is why Arie has had more success with this species? Again, this is just speculation. Perhaps in a season of growing it I may be able to offer some better advice, but for now this is the best I have for you.
I don't find it too hard but I notice a big differnt at humidity make the growt better I mean it like high humidity with higger day temp. and little cooler by night.
if it in lower humidity (less then 40%) it seems like it stop to grow. good results to leaf cuttings.