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How Much Do I Feed It!?

I've looked all over the net but every site has varying information, from none to 5 flies a day! What do you think?
Hey James

Welcome to the forums! I usually let my flytraps fend for themselves but usually once a month is fine. Just so you know you can feed them more than that but the traps are limited on how many times they can shut usually 3-4 times. Also when you feed them make sure the bugs are about 1/3 the size of the trap if they are any larger than that you run the risk of the bug rotting the trap.
But I keep my plant inside so it can't fend for itself how many then?
well since yoy just got it you may want to leave it alone for a week or two incase its in shock from being moved into a new enviroment. But you could try, the worst that could happen is that the trap would turn black.

I would feed it once a month maybe twice but once is plenty
Hi James

Welcome to the forums! Your VFT does not HAVE to eat. It can live without feeding. The bugs it catches are an extra boost of nutrition. If you wish to hand feed it you will need to feed it live prey. The bugs moving around in the trap stimulates it to close and the struggling inside will keep the trap closing until the trap is sealed. Otherwise, with no movement (as in dead prey) it may think its just caught a bit of debris and open back up.

As Unknownclown said, you don't want the bug too big...if something sticks out it can invite bacteria to grow and kill the trap.

If you can stun a fly (so its not totally lifeless) or catch one and put it in the freezer for a few minutes (which will slow it down), you can do that.

Let us know how your plant does!

Thanks, and can I feed it dead flies if they're fresh?
Also I forgot to add to another question of yours about watering. Place a tray underneath the pot and fill it about an inch deep with water when it runs dry fill it again, never water from the top of the pot

Oh and to make life easier for you, when you have questions put them in one thread that way you don't have to go over each one and it'll save you some time
I sure will and I can't tell you how happy I am I found this site!!! The people here so incredibly nice! It's like whole different side of the net!!!!! Everybody welcoming me and wanting to know how it goes!
It's soooooo nice! By now you probably think I'm a loser because it sounds like I can only have people be nice to me on the Internet, but whatever! Thanks so much!
HAHA Loser
Just kiddin I spose I shouldnt pick on ya since your new

Ok if you are going to feed your plant dead bugs you gotta wiggle them around to trigger the trap then even after it shuts you need to move it around until it seals its self. A royal pain in the butt if you ask me

Like PlantAKiss was saying you can catch a bug and put it in the freezer for a few minutes to slow it down a bit. Also you can go to the pet store and buy either crickets or flightless fruitflies (we dont have crickets here
) when you feed them crickets you can catch them by thier legs with pair of tweezers.
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Thanks, I'll try that but if I leave the door open for 5 minutes you'll see a fly flying and sooner or later he's gonna head for the trap, right?
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most likely, just make sure there's no other "food" besides other CP's, and it will come. I'm glad you think we're so nice.
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Is the VFT gonna grow too big for the 3" pot it comes in? Will I have to tranplant it?
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You wont have to worry about replanting it for atleast a year or 2 possibly longer. You'll know when its time by the roots comming out of the bottom of the pot