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How many plants can fit into a 90cm terrarium?


I just got my plants in the mail (finally, yay! ). I am completely out of room! To fit my fan back in my terrarium, i had to put it underneath a plant... Here's a quick picture if anyone's interested:


I hope none of these plants strangle each other (like alata and ventrata do with their tendrils)


PS: If anyone would like to hazard a guess at how many Nepenthes are in the terrarium, be my guest.
14-20 small mature plants

10-12 mature plants

5-10 big flowring sized plants
he ment it as how many plants do you think he fit into HIS 90cm terrarium, so how much do YOU think is inside his

i see a mirabilis
wow that a lot how many cinds of Neps and what are they
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It's not cheating, it just a wider range of answers. Hey a quote! My new quote! Hahaha!
See I was in the range! Ha!