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How many people have Oreophyllia.

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Just wondering how many people own an Oreophilia.
I do
HA! I wish I did! I'll do ANYTHING for one. I'll probably never ever get one as NO ONE in NY sells them.
I'm with Nep. G, I wish I had one, I love them, their gorgeous!
I think you have to have a special permit to sell them in the U.S., since they're endangered. I would love to get my hands on one, even some seed.
A permit? Really? I didn't know they did that sort of thing. That's good to hear though, maybe it will cut back/stop field collection. I mean, it can't really be stopped, peole are always going to do it and there are always going to be unscrupulous collectors that don't care where a plant camre from so long as they now have it in their collection. *sigh* I like to think that the people on this forum are a bit above that sort of thing. It's really sad to think about a plant being wiped out from the wild because they were all dug up and sold.
To sell or trade an oreophilla across state lines requires a permit from (I think) F&W. Here is the loophole, you are allowed to give this plant to other people as a gift with out any paperwork of any kind. So consider just asking around a little and you might strike it lucky.

Oh, and while you are not required to have a permit to own one, it is a good idea to keep records of any plants/seeds you might gift to others in the event that the Feds suddenly decide to investigate you

Does ANYONE know a place with a permit that CAN sell or "gift away" S.Oreophila? And Martin,........That picturs makes me cry! I want one now! (stomping feet)
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I'd start by asking Pete or Barry as they would probably have the inside line on people who would have some. That is all I can offer.
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I have a small oreophylla
. I got it in a trade for an aquarium. I wonder if it takes a permit to sell seed...
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You mean D'Amao and Rice right? Well, I e-mailed D'Amato a while back and he said just keep searching around or drive over to California to get one!
I said right! I'll just decide to come over on a Sunday for brunch! :cheesy: But, I haven't asked Rice. I'll do so however.
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Sale of any oreophylla material requires the permit.


I can't guarantee Rice will know either but since he is a high member of the ICPS I figure he'd know. Might consider making a post on the listserv too, someone there might have it or know someone who knows someone...

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I envy you Richard....................:)
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I got me three! (all the same clone tho, through division)
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Aww...come on, Richard. Who needs three? Share the wealth.
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Sure havron! But even if Richard did want to "share the wealth" you and me would have to obtain import permits and pay high overseas charges AND risk the palnt being damaged by stupid cargo area workers!
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Eh, details, details!
Just kidding...

You da man, Richard! :cool:
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If I lived in the states, I would be more than willing to give you all a piece. I suppose I am quite fortunate that it isn't hard to get hold of here. Its available at most CP nurseries (expensively!) and there are always plenty for sale / swop or even free at Cps meetings.