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How many of you have seen a ghost?

Apr 15, 2002
Cernunnos Woods
Since it's that time of year, and LosFreddy started it with his UFO post, I thought why not a topic on Ghosts so who's seen one, heard one, or had unexplained occurances?

I'm not a religious person but I am fascinated with the necromantic arts of forgotten religions and have studied magic for many years. However I never take anything of any religions or cults in any sort of faith. However I've had numerous experiences ranging from room doors opening when no one but me is home, shadowy abstract shapes forming on walls and single objects on shelves slightly shaking. It's all happened since I was a kid but not sure what it is and does not seem to occur on any sort of predictable basis and no reason to believe it's an unnatural occurance. I've never seen any vaporous spirits or had luck communicating with any "presences" when any of these things occured. :(

How about you?
Sep 7, 2002
Well I have never seen a ghost but I have experienced what I believe to be a ghost or spirit at my old house. My old house was built some time right around 1900 and had been owned by a very wealthy man who had always had live-in servants in the house. The house had two staircases, one servant, and one formal stair case. The strange activities always centered around the servant staircase and in my room. Most of the time it was just the sound of someone walking up or down the stairs at night. The stairs were so creaky that you could tell if someone was going up or down and there was a door at the bottom of the stairs that was always kept closed. Many times I would hear someone walking down the stairs yet the door would not be open and no one was in the stair way when I would check. My bedroom door would often open itself at night too. This was very creepy as to close or open the door you had to lift slightly as the latch mechanism and the door frame receiver did not line up quite right and once it was close the weight of the door would bind the mechanism and cause the door to not open unless it was lifted up upon slightly.
The creepiest thing that happened is one time during august, which if you have ever lived in Michigan in august you would know means its about 85 at night and about 300% humidity. The house was not air conditioned but when it got up that night and just as I started to shut my door I felt freezing cold, unsettling air near the door. I didn't get much sleep the rest of the night as this incident really freaked me out, though it did explain the problem I had of things never being where I left them in my room.

A few weeks before I moved out of that house one of my friends who was into local history found a newspaper article about the nanny that worked for the family who owned the house had fallen down the servants staircase and was listed as badly hurt. No other information could be found about her but I have a feeling she did not survive and that is who opened that door and walked up and down the steps at night.

So that is my experience with a ghost. Sorry for how long it too to describe.
Anyone else?


Sep 16, 2003
Some old friends of mine (3 brothers) were living at run down lot of houses in old town Katy and used to tell stories about seeing 'the man in the black cape'. It's a dark and scary place now that i think about it, but never gave it no never mind.

There was an incident this one night I talk to my friends about and it scared the **** out of everyone. It was this one night I was with one of the brothers at his place and some of the neighbors kinda were being weird and wacky and something overcame me where i just had to leave, like right then. And so i make it back to my house and am talking to home girl on the phone. For whatever reason i snapped a shot of my wall with my camera phone.. so a little while later i lay down to sleep when it happened. The fan was blowing over my head and i thought i could hear a voice talking in the wind? talking in tongue it sounded like. I look up in the darkened room and can see a reddish figure behind my dresser. My phone laying next to me, i grab it and flip it open. It lights up the corner wall and in the light was a shadow of a man standing there looking at me. The silhouetted man was stereo-typical with nubs where you would expect to see horns. It cocked its head to the side and the shadow sank back into the wall and disappeared. I immediately turned on all the lights and kept them on. Didn't go to sleep that entire night. I was scarred ****less.

Didn't occur to me right away, but there was doubt in my mind that this really happened. I started to recollect about the brothers talking about seeing the man in the black cape at their house, which i was at that house that night. It seemed that a 'gloomy mood' had followed me home that night. Even when i look back at that picture i took of my wall that day, there is a darkening light about the picture. Trying to disprove this to myself, i tried to replicate that photo which i was unsuccessful. Every photo taken after that seemed much brighter. I have since had a cross in my room and wind chimes to keep away the spirits. I do believe that this entity has gone away, but alway skeptical to what has happened.. It sure seemed real to me. And thats all that matters when this **** happens to you.

I've talked about this on other forums and gotten different responses. I do believe that there are other dimensions out there, Spirits and entities. Never had an experience like this before or since then and is not something i care to experience again. I am reluctant to show the photo taken that day on any forums as i believe it holds some kind of evil. Also i avoid seeing or being around the one brother cause i get the feeling he is being followed constantly by a dark entity. Thou it may sound crazy, some of my closest friends have come to terms about the different stories coming from that house and those people. The one brother came to my friends house one day and said someone was sitting on the couch when nobody was there. Also another ghost story told by my friends when his girl was crying cause she said somebody was standing there., and when my friend looked that way he could see a hand just over his chest crawling, got scarred and pulled his blankets over himself. So anyways, thats my story. Sorry for the long post.


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Mar 10, 2007
Wow that's creepy, I haven't had anything like that. I was thinking "show the picture!" but when you said about it being evil I'm like "I'm glad you didn't!". This house has never had any experiences with me. For some reason when I first moved in I was scared of it thinking it was haunted and could not sleep. Just a feeling. I was fine after that. In my last house a few creepy things happened. I would be sitting at my computer and out of my window a bird or something screamed a bloody scream as the bushes moved wildly.

I would slam the window shut and close the blinds in fear. I would hear laughing noises in the walls, sometimes my TV would just be on but one night it was from the TV, so I turned it off. All the lights on, everything quiet I hear it again, I look over and my TV is off, I feel it and it's cold, it's been off. I listen in the wall and hear something moving. I didn't respond back and it seemed to go away, so, I just ignored the experience. Every time we turned the living room TV on it would be on blast. We got a TV guy to come and fix it and it suddenly fixed itself when he was there, just as he was about to leave it happened though. He found no problem with it physically. I also saw shadows in the corner of my eyes when I was in my kitchen and the shadow would move when I moved my eyes, one time it seemed to stop and I stared at it for a moment and then it moved again. It was a strange house. The stories from THAT house were very rare though, the shadow in the eyes thing happened often but it could've just been 'spots' in my eyes from the fridge light. The TV would always do that. I made fun of mom when she blamed it on ghosts but now I'm not so sure. I had the weirdest nightmares when I was in that house, it was built in 1922, and I'm never going back.

I had a similar experience when, with my school, in 6th grade. Now, I hated 6th grade but we went on a trip to this manor where rumors are the owner got killed. Tons of secret passageways and there were even a few staff stories of hearing stuff, "one was this woman in a darkish room with the stern looking painting in the main room and she heard loud upbringing noises and it scared her, turned out to be a crowd of people". I saw hand marks on the pantry windows from frost, and they turned floors 6 and 7 out of bounds, looking up there, it was very shadowy and dark. I wonder why we couldn't go up there...

The house looked like a dark unholy prison. Scary...

P.S. In my house recently near a specific time at like 3:00 PM the door creaks open, my brother likes to play pranks but... he's never there, it's never cold, and it is sunny in the hallway from the window being open for my CP's but, it always gets me edgy. My mom used to be literally attacked by ghosts because she did some bad rituals.
Jul 15, 2007
Houston, Tx
I have never seen a ghost, but I have a brother who believes in them a little too much. He takes pictures in "supernaturally active" places and thinks every round spot in the pic is an "orb".

I have always wanted to see a ghost, but I'm never lucky enough to.


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Jul 19, 2004
St.Catharines, Ontario,Canada
I know there's inexplicable stuff out there. My current 155 year old house is "occupied" by something. I have had several experiences wherein I have been FULLY aware of what I could only describe as "presences" or perhaps area-of-effect "fields" or some kind of energy. I am wholly unreligious and not really superstitious (EXCEPT when it comes to hockey :)) but that doesn't stop me from being certain that there's stuff that happens that we can't properly explain yet

Poolboy- I have one o' them "orbs MAD" buddies too, every little thing on a crummy digital image is some kind of "irrefutable evidence of the paranormal" but from my experience that stuff could be explained about a dozen different ways without even getting into too much detail


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Feb 6, 2004
South Dakota
If I die and become a ghost, I too will develop an aversion to newly constructed buildings, enjoy hiding in basements and dark attics all by myself for years, and develop a preoccupation with doors, because they are so fascinating.


Aug 2, 2007
I've never seen a ghost but have noticed somehting wierd about this pillow case I have. It's an old pillowcase that I got when I was little, and it has smiling brightly colored animals all over it in a jungle setting. Whenever I use that pillowcase, I have dreams of some sort. Usually they're about random things of no significance at all. One night though, I had this terrible nightmare. I woke up and noticed that the pillow was turned upside-down.
I rarely have dreams with other pillow cases, but I pretty much always have dreams with that pillowcase. Nothing compared to the bone chilling stories you guys are telling, but kinda weird...


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Feb 25, 2002
T-ville, Florida
i haven't necessarily SEEN so much, at least nothing significant, but i've definitely had experiences. in this house and others. it's been a long time since anything has happened here though. dont know why. but i believe in it.


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Aug 26, 2006
Zone 8
The Activities Board I advise brought Christopher Moon, a ghosthunter, to campus tonight. My wife and I just got back and it was very interesting! He had some great pictures, sounds, etc. of investigations he had done. You may have seen him on a show of Sallie's House in Atchison Kansas.

Apr 26, 2002
chicago, il
a shadowpeople considered ghosts? i see them all the time.

like, i'd just be sitting in a room then out of nowhere, i'd see a black figure from the corner of my eye moving around. however, once i look to see what it is, it's gone.

are those shadowpeople then or am i just delusional?