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How many flowers for a ping ?



My ping (P. weser / sethos) seems to have over 10 flowers ! 4 visible on the picture, and 8 small buds in preparation, waiting in the leaves.


No special regime: unfortunately, it does not catch anything, and the few insects I tried to "catch and throw" on the leaves were too big, and managed to escape.

The ping is kept indoors, in a small aquarium transformed into a terrarium. I cover it with a plastic sheet for moisture.

It seems that the plant is producing new flowers every day, that's amazing !

Are all the ping like that ?
My potosiensis is working on its 10th and I hae a cyclosecta with 4 open and 3 more coming. I think these guys just flower for all they are worth while they can.

I'm not going to complain
Your plant is a Pinguicula 'Weser' not 'Sethos'.

It is normal that your plant doesn't catch insects as your plants don't have yet carnivorous leaves. In few weeks after the blooming maybe. This is usual in "winter" as in nature there is no insects so the plants don't need to have carnivorous leaves.

You can also not that you have a cluster of plants not a single plant in fact. This is very common with these famous hybrids. They are also flowering easely this is why these plants are sell worldwide by garden center.


Eric Partrat