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How long?

Hey all,
I currently have D. Spathulata and D. Burmunii red tentacles seedlings in my terrarium along with U. Tricolor, U. Calyifica, N. Ventricosa, N. Sanguinea (2), and D. Alaciae (2). I was wondering how long will these seedlings become mature nice plants? Thanks.
LOL, I asked the same thing on some just last week. D. Spathulata takes 1 year, most others will take the same. I didn't ask on some of yours though.
Burmanni should be the quickest. Aliciae I've heard will take about two years. Both N. ventricosa and N. sanguinia will take over two years. Of course, they may grow faster in a terrarium, I've grown both on a windowsill. After a year and a half, neither of mine is mature (and they weren't exactly tiny when I got them), but they are still very beautiful plants. The N. ventricosa pitchers will be greener while the plant is young, when it gets older they will be much more red. I'd expect the sanguinia might be too big for a terrarium well before it is mature, but in my experience they are probably the best plant for windowsills.
No, how long will the D. Spathulata and D. Burmunii red tentacles seedling become mature plant? I was just describing the enviroment they were living in, that's all.