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how do you propagate Huernia?

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so i ordered H. oculata, and H. quinta. H. quinta is seedling. the H. oculata is rooted cuttings. the person who is sending me them is sending number of seedling since he is not sure if they will all be true. in case one them is true, how do i propagate it? i read that Huernia can be propagated using cuttings. but no idea how to take the cuttings and how to root them.
I do with my schneideriana. Once they are adult sized, break or cut off a piece and lay it on slightly damp soil. It will root from there, or you can poke it into the soil and it should root that way as well. If it rots at the ground, it is too wet.:)
i would add, let the cutting sit over night to callous a bit before sticking it in media. otherwise make sure it's never real wet. should root in a few weeks
so, do i just cut off the stem? or will be "bud" and generate new stem at the base that i can break off? no clue about them at all. i guess rooting is easy enough as long as i don't keep it too wet.
Huernia grows like a bunch of cucumbers growing upright in a pot. When the plants are large enough (IE; clumps of many growths in the pot) you simply pull one of the growths away from the clump and plant it with the bottom half inch in soil. If you receive small plants with only a few growths, I suggest waiting until the plants are large(ish), multiple-growth colonies before propagating them. I mean, whats your hurry?! ;-)
it should be from a multi growth plant
If they are happy, they may look like this.
If not or in a smaller pot, less so.
Stapelia gigantea, happy in a basket.
no hurry :) just like to make sure i know what i'm doing before the last min..

i think only succulent that i have is happy.. not sure what happyness for Huernia zebrina looks like, but it's plump and the soil is dry. no sign or rot, mold or stems blowing up yet :)