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How do I...well...get it off?

I have a nepenthes x ventrata that has from the main stem a lil plant that has come up. I dont know if it has its own roots yet,  but I would eventually like to remove it. Thanks!!!

I have the same going on with my ventricosa and khasiana. From the look of it they are attached to the main stem so it might be a better idea to try taking a cutting from the main growth point and let the new "pup" become the growth point.

Just my thoughts


Most offshoots aren't on their own roots, so you have to treat them as cuttings in order to grow them on their own. Frankly, I would recommend leaving it and let the plant produce multiple stems. They look great when they're growing and you can take cuttings from these vines when they get longer...probably more successfully, too.

I think what you guys are describing are basal shoots. My Coccinea had about 4 or so big vines coming up from the pot when I bought it at xmas but I chopped it down to just about 3 leaves on each stem and now (5 months later it's about doubled in size in the pot (I can count (without moving the leaves or turning the pot) about 10 basal shoots. this made my plant very bushy (you can see a month old photo at: http://the-natural-aquarium.com/Lowlandterr.html ) now the coccinea is filling alot more of the tank. and I can count about 30-33 pitchers that are open now or inflatated and ready to open the next few days. I hope the pitchers will get larger they're only about 3" but the plant had at least 12oz soda pop can sized pitchers when I got it, but far fewer leaves. Now there's more pitchers but smaller. I think I like bigger rather than more.

But let your basal shoots go so your plant will look bigger ...and badder! :cool:
thanks yall! I'm gunna let em get bigger (and badder :cheesy: ) I wanna propagate!
Hey Josh,

Larry knows that I tell everyone this, but I think I know just where you bought that N. x coccinea. You bought it in a store, I think, with a tag that said "Nepenthes 'Coccinea'" and had four languages on the back.

I know this because I have the same plant in the same pot, and it was also bought as an aggregate mess that still needs pruning. Right?

I'll take your advice and prune my back as well. Thanks.

<i>Woops! My above post was duplicated here, but I'm unable to delete this one. Oh well.</i>

I'll do it for you... Even though I'm replacing yours with this one, your old one is gone.