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How can I save my sundews??



Hello All,
I have a problem with my sundews and I am hoping someone can help :)  I have two small plants, and had put them outside in the sun. My boyfriend, not knowing the plants were "fragile", decide to get out the blower and clean up the yard. We have been renovating and there was a lot of gyprock dust around, which has now stuck to my plants. They are practically covered with dust, and have since lost most of their dew and turned slightly lighter green. Is there any way to remove the dust? I have put a cover over them and put them under a grow-light to encourage the dew. (I have only just done this so have no result as yet).
Thanks in advance;-)
This sounds pretty bad! Since I have never personally dealt with this particular problem, all I can do is to tell you what I would attempt. Gypsum is basic in ph and will certainly cause your plants real grief. Try removing it by filling a spray bottle with water, and project a straight stream to the powder on the leaves to rinse them clean. After this carefully remove 1/4 - 1/2 inch of the medium and replace it with fresh peat/sand. Then pour about a litre of water througn the medium and give the plants high humidity (use a ziplock bag) and keep the plant out of direct sun. Good luck, I think you will need it!
What Tamlin said should help but I would also like to add that you might also want to consider making some peat tea (there is a thread, I think, in the General Discussion area on this) and run that through the pot to to help bring the pH back down,

Thanks Tamlin & Pyro for the replies.....I appreciate the help

Pyro, did I read somewhere that you use peat moss as media in your snake enclosure? I am assuming it is an indoor one.....I am planning to move my snake to an outdoor enclosure, I know it's off-topic, but can you suggest some plants I can use in there?
BTW...My sundewa seem OK under the light. They have lost all of their dew, but this has made it possible to "shake" off most of the dust.....fingers crossed the dew will come back. I am using a hydroponic grow light, I assume this is OK.
Thanks again.
Possibly you might want to try swishing the plants around under water to get most of the dust off and then try what the others have said.