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House Flies.

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The Topis says it all
seach the net with google and look for house fly culture. You can buy stuff so you can grow and breed up to about 10,000 fly's. I do not know why you would want to buy them, jsut make a man made fly trap. Just search the net on how to make those, its really easy.
yuck.. thats gross!
Fruit flies.. now this!?
Lots of people have trouble getting rid of them in there homes but you just love them huh?
I hope you know carnivorous plants DO NOT need insects to thrive. What kinds of CP do you have? If plants are grown outdoors (or even wondowsll) they can catch all the insects they need.

I don't even feed my plants anything anymore, they always fill up without my help. If I feed flies I find there maggots crawling around the plant. A few months ago I caught a fly and it died a few seconds before it was going to be fed to a plant, and maggots started crawling out of it's rear end! I squished the dead fly and all it's 20+ maggots in and outside it's body.

I would do what timbudtwo says and get a trap. It'll get rid of the insects in your home rather than getting more. Since flies and fruit flies can fly (thats why they are called flies) it's hard to control them and keep them in one place to pick up and throw to your plant. Causing them to escape and as soon as you know it you got a problem.

If you realy want flies my suggestion is put a piece of meat outside for a day or two then toss it into a tupperware container and wait.
All i have is common VFT,I fed it House Crickets and that caused roting,in a month are so i'm gonna get a green dragon,I'm a Bug Freak,I have/had 2 giant roaches,a giant millepide(that thing got loose once and i found him 2 months later,in the coach,and he ATE a hole through it!)And right know i have a flame taranchala(big hairy spider).2 weeks ago i got into the whole CP thing (now i'm gett'in into Lithops),and i'm only 10 year old kid! i can handle flies and such and not go "YUCK",and if i have any flies extra i can just feed 'em to my gecko,Gex.Thats all i have to say.
In my opinion...

House flies would be a waste of $. I fed one to a VFT and it digested about 10% of the fly. Not worth it... I would try the crickets again

Good luck!

- Brett
Culturing flightless fruitflies I can understand. But you want houseflies? Can't you find HOUSEflies in your house or in the backyard? They're easy enough to catch, and FREE
 I agree with nrbelex and larry, buying house fly's to feed your critters would be a waste of money.  You could spend it on more critters!
  I just catch whatever is buzzing in my window and anoying me, in a small jar, and stick it in the freezer
 for about two  or three minutes.  It doesn't kill the fly just slows 'em down a bunch so I can drop 'em in a flytrap without having 'em take off again.
I am a herpetologist, look in reptile magazine's classifieds, you can buy any bug cheap!