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Homemade Terrarium?



Wondering if this will work. I am going away for 10 days and was wanting to put the 4 vtf's I have in a styrofoam cooler, and put clear serran wrap over it, fill it with about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of water, and leave it in my garage where there will be sunlight in the morning, but not direct sun. Will this work?

Was wondering if I should put a couple of holes in the wrap to allow for airflow, or if that is not a big deal, just keeping the humidity in?

Thanks again.


Hey Bigdave


Secondly, I would try it first for a day. To make sure that the temps. don't get too high.

The problem with leaving these plants for a few days isn't humidity, it is more water.

You have the right idea, but I would just be a little worried about how hot it will get for them.

Airflow IS important to the plants, but a few days of none ( or little ) shouldn't be an issuse either.

If it makes you more comfortable, put some holes in the cover, not too many so you lose all the water.


What you might try is to bring them inside, pull them away from the direct light, and fill a tray of water for them all. Like 2 inches deep or so. That way they shouldn't lose all the water. You can cover that with something too if you like. ( Just a thought )

Good luck with whatever you do!