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Holy nepenthes?

I recently bought a nep a Lowe's. It was in remarkably good shape for a plant from a Lowe's. So I got it. But then later on I noticed a small hole in one of the new leaves. I'm completely sure this wasn't there when I bought it. I don't know whether this was caused by insects or just a sharp stick. I'm worried though that if it is an insect infestation it could spread to my other neps.
Any ideas?

Is there a reddish brown circle around the hole? If so, that can be attributed to misting the plant in bright light without air circulation to quickly dry up the water droplets. Each droplet of water acts as a magnifying glass when sunlight hits it. This causes the leaf flesh beneath the water droplet to burn.
My plants have no bugs but a few had developed holes when I used to mist them. Nowadays I do not mist the leaves only water the soil and the holes no longer appear.

Your plant will also be going through an adjustment period and things can look a bit funny til the plant settles in this can mean no pitchers for the next few leaves until it adapts to your growing conditions.
Yeah Swords, I remember misting the plant once. And there is a reddish brown circle surrounding the hole. But all of the plants I have recieved from lowe's have kept producing pitchers. As far as I know they didn't stop growing. At all. Probably due to the fact that I didn't transplant them, because I checked the soil and it seemed to be the right mixture. Not decomposed or anything. Why risk shock when the soil is fine?

On a different note, What types of Nepenthes do they sell at lowe's? I mean it can't be more than two types. Right.

That's good that they continue to pitcher, usually a change in environment will cause them to slow their growth or cease pitchering for a few leaves and then they will give new pitchers when they've adapted to your conditions (temp, light & humidity).
You don't have to transplant them til you see roots coming from the bottom of the pot holes.

Sorry, I have no Lowes near me just Home Depot so I don't know which hybrids they sell. Common hybrids in Minnesota garden centers are Ventrata, Judith Finn (almost everywhere has these), Velvet and Coccinea.

If you post a pic someone should be able to give you some idea what your plant might be.
My local Home Depot usually sells Little pot of horrors brand. Unfortunately, they only every have VFT's....I think I saw a sundew ONCE.....Grrr.
The Lowe's that I have nearby has Vfts, Sundews, Cobra Lilys,
Sarrs, and somtimes pings and neps. They get their stock from Natural Wonders.
Sometimes they carry up to three different types of of sarrs.
The water drop acting as a magnifiying glass is in fact a myth. I don't think a drop of water's focal length is enough to produce any heating effect, especially under artificial lighting. I used to think this was true too but apparently its not.

You know, it may be that the water droplet allows rot or bacteria or something to set in....