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Hey singaporeans.....

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CaN u Guys from singapore tEll me where to buy Cps in singapore????and is it allowed to bring back CPs from thailand or malaysia?
TELL me who you are, what you do before I answer your qns...





...just joking!  

Welcome on board, wezx.

To buy CPs: Read A few places, More places

CPs importation: OK from anywhere that supplies a CITES CERT AND PHOTOSANITARY CERT
Thx Cindy!im a cp newbie...i have been growing it for about 3 months but i was away from home for about 2 months so i didnt have so much time for it...im still serching around singapore for peat moss,spahgum, sand alll those soil for Cps and im lerning bout it from the internet like how to take care and all that.i have 1 question, is cocopeat with fertile volcanic ash ok for neps?
CinDy... WOW Your Cps are nice,i like The corner thing alot maybe ill make something like that when i get more plants...
Hey can some1 tell me the location of woon leng?EbEyonder posted and said that it sells small CPs for cheap...thx!
I think i would be easy for you find peat moss, dry sphagnum, because those packet of sphagnum and soil I saw in severals shopings mall's in garden section in Malaysia were import from Singapore, if you don't find them in Singapore, take a trip to Seremban, KL or Port Dickson....
Hi wezx, I got your email but I'll just answer your question here, and let anyone correct me if I'm wrong, since I'm pretty new to CPs as well

Woon Leng's address is:

Their website is http://www.woonleng.com
I think it's best to call them to find out what they have before making a trip down. It is really very ulu, unless you happen to live around Choa Chu Kang and have a convenient mean of travel.

Other places to visit include Far East Flora (both Thomson and Ridout Park), and basically any nursery since these may sometimes sell Neps (and usually that CP alone). There's also a local collector who sells CPs but he seems to be uncontactable recently.
Thanks Alot everYone for the information!
i have a question...is it ok to leave my VFT in a tray of water for the whole day and night?i think its getting too much water!
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i havent fed my VFT for weeks..i also cant find any insects as i live in a HDB apartment...any suggestions?
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Your VFT doesn't actually need to eat all the time. But you can try going to an aquarium or something to see if you can find some dried insects.

I can't remember what other food substitutes vfts like.
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If u're getting dead food, u'll need to rub the sides of the closed trap in order for it to start digesting the food. Otherwise the trap will reopen the next day with the uneaten food.
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Are dried blood worms (fish food) or those frozen worms ok?
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Hi Wezx, I'm glad you found us! The address I gave you was obviously correct.
These guys can probably answer all your questions better than me but do keep in touch with me via my normal e-mail.
Happy growing, Neil
p.s. you asked me last time where I bought my plants. If you want nepenthes in Singapore then I'd recommend Island nursery for some nice mature plants. They normally have 2 varieties. This is one variety I bought last week.
Nepenthes gentle
Keep in touch okay - I'll e-mail you.
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k thx neil...i just went to FEF and bought a trumpet pitcher for 13.60...and my brother got a free plants from the dustbin
...i also bought root hormone powder...how do i do cuttings?
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I recommend four books... books becos' you can bring them into the kitchen or anywhere else with you when you need to take a cutting or is repotting.

1. Savage Gardens by Peter D' Amato (great cultivation tips)
2. Carnivorous Plants of the World by James and Patricia Pietropaolo (detailed description on how to take a cutting, repot plants, and cultivate them)
3. Carnivorous Plants by Tony Camilleri (great photos)
4. Carnivorous Plants of Singapore by Hugh T.W. Tan (what we have as our nation's pride)
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k thx ill buy the first or second one...by the way, how much is it? where are they sold at?

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You can probably get them at Kino but they're frightfully expensive; Savage Garden is about $50. I recommend Amazon.
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There's also Adrian Slack's Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them. It's actually available at the library but is currently being loaned to your truly
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As for savage garden... you can either get it from the library or buy it online. It's so useful that I'd buy it online myself. Amazon is good, but try this local company: http://www.acmabooks.com

I think it's cheaper (due to the delivery costs, which are very high from Amazon). There's also Adrian Slack's "Carnivorous Plants", which I understand to be more descriptive of the plants, rather than providing practical cultivation information. I wld get Savage Garden first, then get Slack's "Insect Eating Plants and How to Grow Them".