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Hi all!
Glad to be here. Need to thank Aaron from growsundews.com for introducing me to this forum. I got a varied collection a few months ago:

P. ehlersiae
D. dielsiana
D. roseana
S. purpurea
D. spatulata
S. x dixie lace
N. rafflesiana

MY Sarrecenias and Droseras are doing awesome, and the nepenthes is holding up rather well. The vft and the ping, however, are not. i have all of them except the nepenthes and the ping in standing water and they all get full sun all day. The nep and the ping are on an east facing windowsill and i top water/spray them a few times a day.

(i just read what i wrote and think it a little confusing. ha!)

In short: ping (top water, east facing windowsill) and vft (water tray, full sun) are not doing well. sarrecenias, droseras (water tray, full sun) and nepenthes (top water, east facing windowsill) are doing well.

what should i adjust with my ping and vfts?

thanks, and look forward to constructive feedback!

daniel e
O hai! Welcome to TF! :welcome:

Hmm, the VFTs and Sarracenias are outside, right? Dunno, I've always had bad luck with VFTs. :/ And for the ping, prehaps it may be too wet? Not an expert in either of the two, lol.

Go grab a cup of coffee! :)
Welcome to Terraforums!
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome To TerraForums Hope You Feel Welcome :D