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help...i live in tropical singapore(all year summer) and i recently juz bought a vft..it survived well for a few weeks but recently i realsied that all the traps all turning black not only that the whole branch (or what ever u call it) it also turning black... only a small shoot growing from the centre seems to be surviving..what should i do?
WHY..please help..please
Have you fed it? What kind of soil, temperatures, water, light do you have it in?
i live in singapore temperatures range from 27 degress to 38 degress all year round i gave it the exact same soil written on the pakaging and window sunlight everyday i dun disturb and i feed in houseflies, ant, and mosquitos almost twice a week...please help me all the traps have now dies and only a shoot that doesnt look like a trap is growing
o_O small stalk? As in flower stalk? If thats what you have, clip it off and your plant may be able to recover. Oviously it wasn't ready for flowering if it had to drop it's leaves to do so.
how is the flower stalk suppose to look like... is it the stem looks the same but the tip where the trap suppose to grow is like a sprot of sumthin